Top Ten Best Underrated 5 Seconds of Summer Songs

Everyone's favorite 5 Seconds Of Summer songs seem to be She Looks So Perfect or Amnesia. But are these songs their best, musically and lyrically? Not even close! Here is the best most underrated 5SOS songs!

The Top Ten

1 Broken Home
2 Close As Strangers

This song is literally my life

3 Permanent Vacation
4 Social Casualty

This is an amazing song and describes my life.

5 Rejects
6 If You Don't Know

It might even make you cry, the melody, the instruments, the lyrics, it is one of the most underrated and when you find it, it's like finding a new gem. It is one of the top songs I love listening to.

7 Wherever You Are
8 Castaway
9 Tomorrow Never Dies
10 Over and Out

This song is literally one of their best songs ever. The lyrics are great, the bit is great, I mean did you hear that intro, one word : perfect. And I'm just so sad and upset that almost nobody speak about it when this is one of their most beautiful songs. Just listen to it, PLEASE

I love this song sk much

The Contenders

11 Independence Day

I'm in love with the guitar solo. Definitely one of the best songs of them!

12 The Only Reason

A definite song anyone from Michael's lane should listen to. It might cause you to just cry about the beauty in the lyrics, the melody from the instruments ties everything together, it is truly beautiful.

13 Never Be
14 Lost Boy
15 Story of Another Us

So beautiful, so epic, it is amazing.

16 I've Got This Friend
17 Waste the Night
18 Just Saying
19 Beside You
20 I Can't Remember

This song is so good

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