Top Ten Underrated 90s One Hit Wonders in Rock

There's the greatest one-hit wonders of the 90's, the most underrated 90's rock songs, but some of the one-hit wonders and 90's rock songs probably never got the full attention they deserved. Here to me are the one-hit wonders of the 90's that are much more worth it.

The Top Ten

1 What It's Like - Everlast UListen to Sample
2 Possum Kingdom - Toadies

Make up your mind..

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3 Hunger Strike - Temple of the Dog UListen to Sample
4 Cumbersome - Seven Mary Three UListen to Sample
5 Tomorrow - Silverchair UListen to Sample
6 Silent Lucidity - Queensryche UListen to Sample
7 Sex And Candy - Marcy Playground UListen to Sample
8 If You Could Only See - Tonic UListen to Sample
9 The Distance - Cake

Not a one hit wonder

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10 Flood - Jars of Clay UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Spaceman - Babylon Zoo

Incredibly underrated. Despite being extremely successful in it's heyday (topping the UK charts for 5 weeks and cracking the top ten of many countries worldwide in early 1996), it and Babylon Zoo themselves dropped off the map very fast due to their further lack of success. However, both they and this song in particular deserve another look. Firstly, their sound is unique, combining elements of grunge, space rock, industrial and shoegaze among others and creates something that stands on its own. The lyrics are also very good, discussing ideas of religion and politics all the while using the metaphorical idea of an alien (the spaceman) of the title experiencing such things and wanting to leave Earth because of it. It happily stands on its own, and it may be an acquired taste, but if you can stomach it, you'll be enjoying one of the best and most original one-hit wonders of the 90s. Their later stuff is also great including their 1999 magnum opus, All The Money's Gone, which is simply a ...more - Mrveteran

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12 Closing Time - Semisonic UListen to Sample
13 No Rain - Blind Melon UListen to Sample
14 Pepper - Butthole Surfers UListen to Sample
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