Top Ten Most Underrated 90s Rock Songs

Listen people. please don't taint my list with overrated songs like smells like teen spirit. don't be like that.

The Top Ten

1 The God that Failed - Metallica
2 Pushit - Tool
3 Unsung - Helmet

This song truly lives up to its name. so so so underrated

4 Carnival - Our Lady Peace

Our lady peace is a very underrated band. some great songs on the clumsy album that never got the credit that they deserved.

5 Sweat - Tool
6 Holier Than Thou - Metallica
7 Car Crash - Our Lady Peace

The Guitar solo and vocals are just amazing. great album ending.

8 Prison Sex - Tool
9 Eulogy - Tool

Best intro of all time in my opinion.

10 Unforgiven II - Metallica

Each part of the unforgiven gets better and better as it goes. the third part is the most epic Metallica song of all time.

The Contenders

11 Champagne Supernova - Oasis

Absolute masterpiece - Keke_66

12 Say It Ain't So - Weezer

This song is NOT underrated

13 Lounge Act - Nirvana
14 Blue Flame Ford - Truly
15 High Hopes - Pink Floyd
16 Until It Sleeps - Metallica
17 Pain Lies on the Riverside - Live
18 Hell's Kitchen - Dream Theater
19 Creep - Radiohead
20 2 Am

I bet nobody on this list ever heard of this song before...

21 Hitchin' a Ride - Green Day
22 3 Strange Days - School of Fish
23 I Alone - Live
24 Deep End - School of Fish
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