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1 Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

This song really sums up AC/DC's legendary career. Pure hard rocking' blues. Superb musicians hiding in this straight forward gem. One of the all-time closing tracks to an absoltely essential album. Brian Johnson delivering unforgettable vocals and lyrics that educate your rock 'n' roll soul. 33 years after it's initial release and still gets me every time. -JGB

This Song Is Like The Most Underated Song Ever - rocker1796

I agree! Way to underrated and a great song.

It maybe underrated, but at least it's on my local radio station sometimes in Lexington ky!

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2 Night Prowler

So good. I listen to this on repeat and it never gets old

One of my favorites - bobbythebrony

Don't have any idea why this great song only received 4%.

The best AC/DC song by far! Such a perfection.

3 Jailbreak

This Song Is Very Underrated
It Is An Awesome Song - rocker1796

Should be on #1.

4 If You Want Blood (You Got It)

It has everything, an awesome riff, terrific solo, and lyrics that summarize what ac/dc is all about. An example of the band at their very best.

Very underrated

5 Big Balls

This is a hilarious song.

An awesome song with very clever lyrics.

Ha ha very funny

6 Gone Shootin'
7 Touch Too Much

I totally agree with you on this... Bon scott does an excellent job singing on this one and the young brothers guitar work is great on this one! Very underrated song!

The BY FAR best acdc song created, coming from someone who has heard every single song by the band

She had the face of an angel
Smiling with sin
The body of Venus with arms. Come on! This shoulD be at least #3

A rare undercurrent of vulnerability for the band...overall great song...probably one of their best

8 The Razors Edge

One of the best guitar riffs ever

Super catchy

9 Live Wire of the coolest songs ever!

10 Dog Eat Dog

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11 Money Talks

So underrated! Just listen to the riff!

Underrated like most of Brian's songs

When the singer hits the note with the word'love me for the money' there is just something so amazing about it
Simplistic greatness is what this song is all about

12 You Shook Me All Night Long

How is this underrated? It's one of their most well known songs

How is this underrated?

13 Riff Raff

Such an awesome intro. I love the guitar in this song.

14 Shoot To Thrill

Great song to rock out to! Love the breakdown! Best of AC/DC!


15 Have A Drink on Me

Can't believe this is in an underrated list. Fabulous rock song, classic Acca dacca, brilliant singing from Brian and the band's tribute to Bon!

16 What Do You Do for Money Honey

Offt this song is good


17 Big Gun

Truly an Amazing song, not so famous maybe because of it's use as a movie sound track. The video is too awesome!


18 Ride On

This song has a more serious theme with some beautiful blues guitar.

19 Beating Around the Bush


20 Nervous Shakedown
21 T.N.T.

This is not underrated in terms of AC/DC songs

22 Hard Times
23 Shake Your Foundations

Underrated song, underrated album - truckturner

24 Squealer

Great lyrics and AWESOME solo, should be higher, one of the best AC/DC songs

25 Can I Sit Next to You Girl

There first album was kick ass this song and love at love at first feel are awesome

26 Walk All Over You

GREATEST intro to a song EVER, awesome solo as well

27 Damned
28 Rock n Roll Singer

Incredible start. Just gets you going

One of the best AC/DC solos, in the last quarter of the song - shatti

29 Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
30 What's Next to the Moon

One bad-ass song

How is it that this song isn't ranked higher? Great riff, catchy chorus.
Goes to show just how underrated it is.

31 Landslide
32 C.O.D.

One of the better songs on For Those About To Rock, truly one of their lost gems.

33 Rising Power
34 The Furor


35 Anything Goes
36 Down Payment Blues

"Can't even feed my cat on social security". Genius!

37 Hells Bells
38 Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll
39 Let There Be Rock

Standard rock tune. Has all the elements a song should have.

40 This Means War
41 Thunderstruck

Its such a good song

42 Dogs of War
43 She's Got Balls
44 Love Hungry Man

A hell of a tune and very underrated.

45 Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire)
46 Two's Up
47 Stiff Upper Lip
48 Ballbreaker
49 First Blood
50 Black Ice
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