Top Ten Underrated AC/DC Songs


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61 Evil Walks
62 Heatseeker
63 You Ain't Got a Hold On Me
64 Who Made Who
65 Stormy May Day
66 Gimme a Bullet
67 Rock Your Heart Out
68 Overdose V 2 Comments
69 Meltdown

If you think songs above are underrated, listen to this song.

70 Up to My Neck In You
71 Fire Your Guns V 1 Comment
72 Kissin' Dynamite
73 Ruff Stuff
74 Meanstreak
75 Let's Get It Up

The Young brothers guitars during instrumental break makes this song kick a#@

76 Money Made

Excellent guitars by the bros again... Amazing there's no solo. Cool slide guitar action! Angus rules!

77 Let Me Put My Love Into You

Most underrated song ever, in my opinion. Surprised that it ain't #1.
From AC/DC's Back in Black album.

This has to be the most underrated AC/DC song ever it's been one ofmy favourites since I started listening to AC/DC but I'd never see it on any top 20 or 50 songs I can't understand why

78 Squealer

Great lyrics and AWESOME solo, should be higher, one of the best AC/DC songs

79 House of Jazz
80 Shot of Love
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