Most Underrated Adam Lambert Songs


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1 Aftermath

This is my favorite song in the whole world it has helped me recover from serious bullying that went on everyday. I LOVE YOU ADAM LAMBERT!

It's one of his best songs but not a lot of people know it. - DrRyAn

I actually didn't know it was one of his songs the first couple of times I heard it

Everything has AFTERMATH... True...

2 Outlaws of Love

Very emotional and beautiful song for adam - AbdRahmanSalah

3 Mad World
4 Nirvana
5 Can't Let You Go


6 Strut

Many people ignore this one though it's as just as cool as for your entertainment - AbdRahmanSalah

7 Music Again

One of the best

8 Broken Open

I love Adam singing this song. The words and the music are so beautiful. He sings it soft and with emotion.

This song was written and sung by adam.. It's so beautiful... But, even glamberts don't knew this song well, please guys listen.. Listen to this masterpiece.

This is my favorite song of A. L but nobody knows this one. ,so sad because of that.. Guys must listen..

This song by ADAM is so ethereal & yet so underrated! I love all of ADAM's music! To me he is the only artist today I want to hear & he is the only one I listen to! Talent & Charisma Personified... that's ADAM LAMBERT! by the way.. he's drop-dead GORGEOUS too!

9 Trespassing

! Can't stop listening to this song. SO GOOD!

10 Better Than I Know Myself

the best

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11 Kickin' In

This one reminds me of michael jackson a lot. - AbdRahmanSalah

12 Map

Wow his one of best
But so underrated

13 Crawl Through the Fire

Many ignore this song because this song was not from his popular album... Just listen to it guys... Its just beautiful rock song... One of his earliest songs... Still his best

14 Hold On
15 Soaked
16 Time for Miracles
17 Another Lonely Night
18 There I Said It

Beautiful song, amazing vocals!

This is my favorite also.

19 Pick U Up

I adore this song. It's fun & upbeat, not soppy & sentimental.

A gorgeous song and so underrated!

Adam's most underrated song of all!

Sooo underrated!

20 Underground
21 Broken English

I really don't know why many people don't know this song. It is truly amazing!

22 The Original High
23 The Light
24 A Loaded Smile

This is one of ADAM's most under rated songs from his first album For Your Entertainment! His voice is so soft.. smooth.. and sexy.. it will make you melt! ADAM co-wrote it too! One of his best & one of my favorites... I LOVE it!

25 Naked Love
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