Most Underrated Aerosmith Songs


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1 Rag Doll
2 Pink

It has a strange but intriguing twist for these Rock monsters! THE KINGS OF ROCK!

I think the reason this song is underrated is because they went to far with the explicit lyrics.

pink is one of the most funniest songs ever - anupjonesm

3 Nobody's Fault

Their heaviest song ever!

4 Last Child
5 Kings and Queens

Aerosmith is the best hard rock band ever, I like many songs from them. This song is great, many people should know it. - rock2metal

This song is defiantly aerosmiths greatest song; the lyrics are true poetry, but everyone is too busy listening to nonsense like "dream on" to know it. - queen11

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6 Back in the Saddle

The screaming vocal and energy on this track are just great.

7 Love in an Elevator
8 Mama Kin
9 Train Kept A Rollin
10 Draw the Line

The Contenders

11 Ain't That a Bitch

One of the greatest, most overlooked Aerosmith songs of all time.

12 Angel

I vote for this song because this is my favorite track by Aerosmith and it didn't have top positions on charts but definitely deserved it - Irina2932

13 Cheese Cake

Off of Night in the Ruts By far one of their most underrated songs just listen to Joe Perry's slide its epic

14 Combination

Great rock song! Very catchy, don't know why it's not know enough. Also on their best album (Rocks).

15 One Way Street
16 Girls of Summer

Great but very underrated song. I really like it. This is one of the most underrated songs since 2000 - Irina2932

17 Gotta Love It

Very underrated song, Very RARE! Song, And a very good song it should be number one because no one ever listens to it look it up in YouTube you will Love it! - Aerosmithfan101

18 Shut Up and Dance
19 Blind Man

This song is just amazing. The lyric, the voice changes, the riff. Gotta love it, don't be blind!

20 Adam's Apple
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