Top 10 Underrated Albums of the 2010s

So let's go down to business now. The 2010s are almost over and while we wait for it to end soon, I just want to say this this is an ok decade to be alive in. Movies? Good. Video Games? Awesome and fun. TV shows? They're fairly fine. Politics? Eh. Music? Hmm... Not so much. But there's a lot of good underrated albums that didn't even came on the mainstream and I've been listening to alot of those and they're masterpieces! I also find some on Metacritic too. They rate albums in the right ways. Yeah, take that Rolling Stone! And here is the list:

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1 Wide Awake! - Parquet Courts

Catchy rock songs. Genius lyrics. Great production. This album is so underrated not even their music videos go to vevo. Which is sad because I find this album really appealing. - LightningStrike

One of the dopest punk albums of 2018 - cjWriter1997

2 The Suburbs - Arcade Fire

So what's with it? Is it the happy tunes that don't get your attention. You got to admit this album is so underrated you might even feel like you want more people to listen to this brilliance. - LightningStrike

Didn't this album won the grammy award for best album back in 2011? I mean, I love this album but calling it underrated is kind of weird after the critical and commercial success it have - Pato_cargo

I love the song suburbs! It's so joyful. - Pointingfingers

3 The Monitor - Titus Andronicus

There are a few songs that are considered too political, the production is ok, and everything is just fine for an underrated album like this. - LightningStrike

4 You're Dead! - Flying Lotus

Yes, these are Underrated - LightningStrike

5 Lonerism - Tame Impala

This masterpiece really needs to be more famous and there has been a lot of people that are trying to do exactly that. And this here is one of the major ones. - LightningStrike

Their album after this one I like more but this is cool - cjWriter1997

This album is amazing. A modern classic, yet it's really underrated and unknown. You'd be hard-pressed to find albums as good as this in the mainstream now. I have a feeling this'll be remembered longer than the likes of Drake will. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

It’s a masterpiece but it’s not really underrated cause of it’s big critical and fan acclaim - MemeTheKeem

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6 High Violet - The National

Never heard of this one so I guess it works for the list. - LightningStrike

7 Gloss Drop - Battles
8 Digital Veil - The Human Abstract
9 Crosses - Crosses
10 Galaxy Garden - Lone

The Contenders

11 Boomtown - Ozma
12 The Whole Love - Wilco

I also never heard of this one before. This works perfect for the list I think. - LightningStrike

13 Joy as an Act of Resistance - Idles

Yes, Idles is super underrated - LightningStrike

14 Silent So Long - Emigrate
15 A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park

I understand this appeared on number 1 on the list of most underrated albums of all time so I guess I should put this Linkin Park album in here. How about number 10? Is that fine? - LightningStrike

16 The Mountain - Haken
17 The Awakening - P.O.D.
18 What About Now - Bon Jovi

That's right, bon Jovi made an album in 2013. Critics hated it, but people loved it. I love the tone of each song and I also love the riffs as well. - LightningStrike

19 Teen Dream - Beach House

The tune is nice. The production is good. Everything is fine. - LightningStrike

20 Daughters - Daughters
21 The Mother of Virtues - Pyrrhon
22 Truth Rising - Hed PE
23 Color the Trees - Firefox Ak

This album really is underrated. I love the song "Boom Boom Boom" so much.

24 Burials - AFI
25 This Is Happening - LCD Soundsystem

I have heard of this one but I didn't listen to much. - LightningStrike

26 Voices - Wormrot
27 NoStockingz - Submarine Man
28 Mechanize - Fear Factory
29 Gravity's Our Enemy - Cadillac Sky
30 Little Jinder - Little Jinder
31 Testament - All Saints
32 Red Flag - All Saints
33 Caution - Mariah Carey
34 A Million Degrees - Emigrate
35 For Altid - Medina
36 Grim - Medina
37 Flexer for Life - Lil Flexer
38 True Defiance - Demon Hunter
39 Clockwork Angels - Rush
40 The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold
41 No Fixed Address - Nickelback
42 What I've Become - Ashes Remain
43 Thrive - Casting Crowns
44 Echoes of the First Dreamer - Marty O'Donnell
45 Feed the Machine - Nickelback

My second favorite album of all time here, gone mostly unnoticed by even the fans of its own band, a persecuted minority already.

This album is tolerable, but it's not UNDERRATED. - CaptainMowzker

46 Northwind - Falconer
47 Kiss - Carly Rae Jepsen

No - LightningStrike

48 Emotion - Carly Rae Jepsen
49 Me.I Am Mariah... the Elusive Chanteuse - Mariah Carey
50 Heal - Loreen
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1. You're Dead! - Flying Lotus
2. Gloss Drop - Battles
3. Wide Awake! - Parquet Courts
1. Lonerism - Tame Impala
2. Teen Dream - Beach House
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1. Digital Veil - The Human Abstract
2. Crosses - Crosses
3. Boomtown - Ozma

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