Top 10 Most Underrated Albums from Great Rock and Metal Bands


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1 Jugulator - Judas Priest

It has some great tracks on it plus Tim The Ripper Owens is a great vocalist - christangrant

Honestly, this album was pretty good. It was much better than it's crappy follow up Demolition. - MegaSlayerDeath

Pretty much all of these Top 10 albums were good - jack2244

2 The Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera

Oh yes this is so Underrated as this album In My Opinion is better than Far Beyond Driven plus it has my favorite Pantera song "Floods" on it - christangrant

Far Beyond Driven is actually my favorite Pantera album. But I agree that this album is definitely overlooked, mainly because Pantera released 3 metal classics right before it. Hard to top them all off don't you think? - cjWriter1997

3 Power Metal - Pantera

This was a good and underrated album. Cowboys from Hell was just overrated considering their later albums after Cowboys from Hell were better such as Vulgar Display of Power but Power Metal was a pretty good album. - MegaSlayerDeath

Yes this was a good album its underrated only because it was before Cowboys from Hell - christangrant

Some pretty good songs especially "We'll meet again" with a beautiful solo

4 The X Factor - Iron Maiden

It is long but that does not mean it is a bad album. Please do not listen to all your haters, and guys, it is nowhere near as bad as Virtual XI or No Prayer for the Dying. - MegaSlayerDeath

This album has gotten undeserved hate just because Blaze is the singer. If Bruce sang it, people would regard it as a good album. - kempokid

Although it does feel a bit too long this was still a good album - christangrant

5 Flick of the Switch - AC/DC

I love this album by AC/DC in fact I like it more than For Those About to Rock - christangrant

AC/DC hasn't even released a bad record - MegaSlayerDeath

6 Alice in Chains - Alice in Chains

It's personally my second favorite AiC album only to be behind Dirt. Don't hear a lot of appreciation for this album. It was the last album they had with Layne too. - cjWriter1997

7 A Matter of Life and Death - Iron Maiden

This album gets undeserving hate - christangrant

8 Meddle - Pink Floyd
9 Undertow - Tool

As much as their other albums are really great. This one goes a little unappreciated. - cjWriter1997

10 Waiting for the Sun - The Doors

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11 Divine Intervention - Slayer
12 Rubber Soul - The Beatles
13 Sound of White Noise - Anthrax

This was a great metal/grunge album yet it's so low on the best Anthrax albums list when it's better than most of the albums above it - christangrant

Great album. Preferable over half their discography. Too bad the rest of John Bush's albums were bad. - MegaSlayerDeath

14 Deftones - Deftones
15 Volume 8 - The Threat is Real - Anthrax

Its not as bad as everyone says it is it's better than Stomp 442 - christangrant

16 Maladroit - Weezer
17 St. Anger - Metallica

It may be not the greatest Album by Metallica but at least it was better than Lulu - christangrant

That really is not saying much, Lulu was the literal worst piece of music I have ever heard, I would rather listen to Justin Bieber simply because his music isn't heavy. Awful music gets translated worse into metal because it is so much louder and in general less structured. - kempokid

18 Leprosy - Death
19 Spiritual Healing - Death

Surprisingly this is actually one of my favorite Death albums. - MegaSlayerDeath

20 So Far, So Good... So What - Megadeth

Hook in Mouth is my favorite Megadeth song.

A pretty solid album. - MegaSlayerDeath

One of my favourite albums, all the songs are great except Anarchy in the U.K - kempokid

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1. Jugulator - Judas Priest
2. Power Metal - Pantera
3. The X Factor - Iron Maiden
1. Alice in Chains - Alice in Chains
2. Undertow - Tool
3. Meddle - Pink Floyd



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