Top Ten Most Underrated Alice In Chains Songs


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1 Don't Follow Don't Follow

This one is definitely a contender for the first spot. Such an emotional and heartfelt song about regret and the pain. A true masterpiece by none other than the greatest band of all time: Alice in chains.

No doubt that this is underrated. It starts out with a beautiful arpeggio of the D chord along with Jerry Cantrell singing a relaxing yet sad part. Then they finish it off with Layne Staley singing his heart out. -Eddie Bryant

2 Sunshine Sunshine

The riffs in this song are killer. It has the classic Alice In chains structure. One of my favorites.

One of my all time favourites. Despite it being about the death of Jerry's mother, the song is very uplifting. - IronSabbathPriest

3 Frogs Frogs V 1 Comment
4 Rotten Apple Rotten Apple

This still remains as my favorite Alice In Chains song, and one of the best ballad-type songs they've ever written. The bass practically drives it all the way through. - NuMetalManiak

5 Shame in You Shame in You

I used to have a problem with skipping songs when listening to albums (maybe I'm too impatient to discover and only want to hear the famous tracks), but once I listened to this album in full, this song was an immediate favourite of mine from the album.

I wouldn't say it's my favourite off the album, but it certainely is the most underrated from the album. Honestly, this is one of the only accurate lists from TheTopTens. Don't Follow, Shame In You, (Not Frogs - every fan knows Frogs), and Sunshine are honestly underrated as hell. - Gasmaskboi19371945

6 Am I Inside Am I Inside
7 Swing on This Swing on This

This song is not only underrated, but also a very good

8 Sludge Factory Sludge Factory

This one is pretty good. It reminds me of their earlier stuff like Facelift in a way ( sound is more raw, almost tracing to their metal roots). I love Layne's voice on this track and the lyrics are alright too.

9 Sickman Sickman V 1 Comment
10 Acid Bubble Acid Bubble

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? Rooster Rooster
? It Ain't Like That It Ain't Like That
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11 Got Me Wrong Got Me Wrong
12 A Looking In View A Looking In View
13 Stone Stone
14 I Know Somethin (Bout You) I Know Somethin (Bout You) V 1 Comment
15 Get Born Again Get Born Again
16 Real Thing Real Thing
17 Dam That River Dam That River
18 Hung On a Hook Hung On a Hook
19 Junkhead Junkhead
20 Bleed the Freak Bleed the Freak
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1. Don't Follow
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1. Sunshine
2. Sludge Factory
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