Most Underrated Alter Bridge Songs

This is a list of the most underrated Alter Bridge songs. Alter Bridge has so many great songs, these are some of the ones you would miss you only listen to singles or there most know works.

The Top Ten Most Underrated Alter Bridge Songs

1 Buried Alive
2 Shed My Skin

This is my 2nd favorite AB song right behind Blackbird. I can't tell you how happy it made me when I saw them finally play this live last year. It should be permanently inserted into any set list from now on.

3 Watch Your Words
4 Words Darker Than Their Wings
5 Coeur d'Alene
6 Still Remains
7 Save Me
8 Wouldn't You Rather
9 Breathe Again
10 Wayward One

The Contenders

11 Pay No Mind
12 Take the Crown
13 Dying Light
14 Before Tomorrow Comes

Even though this song was released as a single it remains as one of their most unsuccessful songs. To me having the song known for that is sad as it's a great song with a great message.

15 Cry a River
16 Cry of Achilles

This is an amazing song, but it's not underrated. It's Alter Bridge's most well-recognized song behind Blackbird and Show Me a Leader. - benhos

17 Blackbird
18 In the Deep
19 Fortress
20 Calm the Fire

One of the best songs you can listen to, starts with the deep lyrics with myles's calm voice then the guitar is awesome

21 Fallout
22 Crows on a Wire
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