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1 Clay Aiken

An unbelievable voice! He can sing anything! He is also a great entertainer... funny with a quick wit and great rapport with the audience, Clay was way ahead all of Season 2 and should have won. His "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was phenomenal!

Wish that he would have had more chances on the radio.

What a voice. I am always astonished to hear him sing. Favorite AI performer of all time.

Lobe his voice

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2 Haley Reinhart Haley Reinhart Haley Elizabeth Reinhart is an American singer, songwriter, and voice actress from Wheeling, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

She has a very unique vocal ability that no one in American Idol has showcased in its entire run. She can do anything from jazz, rock, soul, country... She covered songs, made it her own, and made it priceless. She is a goddess in the stage, mesmerizing everyone who watch and listen to her. America should see her talent as how we, from other parts of the world, did. You wouldn't regret it.

She doesn't get the fame she deserves. You kidding me? This girl rocks, she should have won that season hands down. Don't blame me, I love Scotty and he's one of my fave Idols, but I think that Haley has what it takes.

Judges always gave positive criticism to her competition even though she pushed limits and was unique...

By far my favorite American idol who really didn't go far in the music business. Her not making it to the top 3 was a huge fubar. She had probably one of the best performance(s) on AI.

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3 Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson

I don't see how she underrated. She's one of the first American idols that I talk about. No pun intended. She's phenomenal. And her music and top hits tell it all

Underrated cause she doesn't win every award she's nominated for. But she's the only idol contestant to have 100 billboard no. 1 singles. So... Yeah

She gets the success she deserves, but for some reason, some people don't see her as being as amazing as she is.

I love Kelly Clarkson. every time I feel like hurting myself I listen to her song Stronger and I feel better:)and her song Piece by Piece god I cried when she performed it on American Idol Season 15

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4 Elise Testone

She's got awesome voice but she'd been thrown under the bus several times

An incredible vocalist, she should have been at least in top 3, I think that her voice is amazing and very unique.

5 Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee

Gorgeous voice & she's now an actress as well as a singer She should've won hands down!

6 Carly Smithson
7 Megan Corkery

Quirky, different, and just what the industry needs. I bought and love both of her albums. Admittedly, her song choice wasn't always great. But she was just misunderstood.

8 Phillip Phillips Phillip Phillips Phillip LaDon Phillips Jr. is an American singer, songwriter and musician who won the eleventh season of American Idol on May 23, 2012. His coronation song, "Home," released after his win, became the best selling of all coronation songs. V 1 Comment
9 Taylor Hicks
10 Allison Iraheta

Allison was amazing! The only true female rocker ever on the show. The fact that she was eliminated on rock week instead of Scream On Gokey is still one of the biggest upsets in American Idol's history. Kradison should've been the top 3.

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11 Kris Allen

I often wonder if Kris' career would be better if he didn't win. I see so many comments that Adam Lambert should have won (heck, even Kris Allen said that more than once).

He was a brilliant young artist, unfortunately the show wanted to stick to the Danny-Adam finale, too bad for them - BIG TIME! - ramlien

Faded into obscurity after his fifteen minutes of fame. Kris should change his last name to Who. You know, Kris Who?

He sings "Hit the Road Jack" at his shows. They must be bringing in bus load of 80 year olds to see him perform. Lol

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12 Elliott Yamin

He should have won that season, he is such an amazing performer with soul and emotion.

13 Diana DeGarmo

She wasn't only a good singer, but she was also an AMAZING, INCREDIBLE person! So humble and ordinary that I could almost relate with her! She is so, so sweet and inspiring!

She lacked Fantasia's star quality and powerful voice but she doesn't get the success she deserves. She is truly amazing and her voice is beautiful.

Had she not had to face Fantasia in the finals, she would had won her season for sure

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14 Tatiana Del Toro

She's a great singer, but some people are annoyed by her, and are therefore not listening to how good a singer she is.

If I were Michael Sarver or Anoop, I would apologize to her for unfairly taking her spot, which she deserved. - ilovekelly75

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15 David Cook David Cook

Amazing voice very deep yet still an incredible 2.4 octaves range very original and always knowing what to do when to do it totally deserved to win but after his win his not really as big as he should he's a lot better than the famous Daughtry and a lot more versatile than kelly clarkson

One of the best voice in the history of IDOL, he is also a very good role model, he offers a lot of money in charities and he is very humble.

16 Joanna Pacitti
17 Vonzell Solomon
18 Melinda Doolittle

She is my favorite IDOL ever, and I think she is the most underrated contestant in the history of AMERICAN IDOL. Her voice is remarkable, unique and beautiful, definitely better than other winners like Kelly Clarkson. She should be more famous, making huge career, be a star.

A phenomenal live performer! If you've never been to one of her concerts, you are missing out. She never showed her true personality on IDOL. You may be surprised with how warm, funny and relaxed she is on stage. Not to mention that her vocals are always spot on.

I've never heard somebody saying "my favourite IDOL contestant is Melinda Doolittle". They all like Kelly and Carrie. But Melinda was amazing too! She is too underrated.

19 Michael Johns
20 David Archuleta David Archuleta David James Archuleta is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.
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