Top 10 Most Underrated Android/Facebook Games

With apps like Candy Crush, (you know, that obnoxious game that's spawned an ENDLESS parade of clones and knockoffs?) loads of apps each day are thrown to the wayside. That's what we're looking at today.

Now, since android apps are typically linked to Facebook and vice versa, I'm packaging them together. The app does NOT need a Facebook counterpart to be on this list, however, and the Facebook game does not need an Android counterpart.

The Top Ten

1 Dragon Mania Legends

If your android cannot download Dragon City, (or it forced you to update and wiped your island) I recommend you check this out. The dragon designs are kind of bland but there's still some really neat mechanics. - GraphiteTail

2 Zoo Paradise

I find this game was criminally underrated. It was a Farmville clone, true, but it was absolutely adorable. And the idea of raising a zoo is better than raising a farm in my opinion. I remember being devastated when it shut down. - GraphiteTail

3 Tunnel Town

Love Animal Jam? Then you'll love this! Raising an empire of bunnies, what more could you want? Only problem is, if you don't have a Facebook, your progress will be wiped with each major update. - GraphiteTail

4 Glow Snake

This game is smooth and beautiful. - GraphiteTail

5 City Cat

This one is strangely addictive. You play as a plump cat who runs around the world, trying to get back his fridge after it was stolen by aliens. Even though it sounds like it, there's not really a true storyline. Oh, and your cat can turn into the Hulk. - GraphiteTail

6 Find the Cat

Simple, but perfectly good if you want an eye exercise. - GraphiteTail

7 Fast Like a Fox

Another addictive entry, this one combines endless running and level in an odd way. As the name states, you're a fox who needs to race to the end of the level. Beautiful, smooth, and easy. Just the way I like it. - GraphiteTail

8 Cat Simulator

Most simulator games-at least the free ones-are absolute garbage. But a particular one is not. If you want to try it for yourself, it's the one with the picture of the pouncing white cat against a polka dot background. It's fast paced, encourages you to make as much of a mess as possible with a time limit, and has enjoyable sounds and graphics. - GraphiteTail

9 Dragon Land

From Socialpoint, the creators of Dragon City, comes this weird spinoff game. At first I dismissed it for being a way to keep DC relevant, but then I downloaded it...and it's really fun! The idea is like that of a Mario game-do some platforming to defeat the boss at the end of the stage. There's also Multiplayer and Quick Play modes. One major complaint, though...things are pretty pricey. (125 gems for Episode 8!? ) - GraphiteTail

10 Hamster Roll

Remember those games where the screen scrolled and you were trying to keep ahead of it? That's this one. You're a hamster in a ball, rolling down platforms while collecting sunflower seeds. It's astonishingly cute, addictive, and is overall a nice little time waster for when you've got nothing else to do. It was made by Tapps Inc., whose games all seem to be quite underrated. Kew Kew, anyone? - GraphiteTail

The Contenders

11 Redline Rush
12 Robbery Bob
13 Bad Roads
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