Top 10 Most Underrated Animal Crossing Characters

These characters are hated by most Animal Crossing fans, but are they really as bad as you think?

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1 Resetti the Mole

Resetti is actually sort of a hero. Save data corruptions are a problem on most AC games. Resetting too much CAN corrupt your game. Resetti's purpose is to keep your game from corruption. Haters argue he scares children. Well, at one time didn't YOUR teacher scare you once? Anyway, he's hilarious when he tries to kill you.

He is actually one of my favorites. If you don't like him, then SAVE!

My favorite AC character! He's awesome, people! - ShyGuySwag

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2 Tom Nook

Believe it or not, this guy was featured in "Top 100 Best Video Game Villains." I am NOT kidding. Fans say he gives endless loans, but he's really a nice guy. He lets you take as long as you can to pay him back for your house, and in New Leaf, he gives you a free tent. Now ain't he generous? Plus, he gives you a job while you're penniless in order to pay back.
Oh, and didn't I forget about the fact that he adopted two orphaned tanukis to raise as his own?

I find a lot of the hate towards Tom Nook to be downright unfair. A lot of people love to portray him as a murderous, greedy mafia boss, who won't hesitate to kill you if you don't pay up. How the hell did they come up with that?

How do people come up with these stories about Tom Nook being part of the mafia and committing murders? That's just an unfair lie the haters make up to justify their hatred.

I love tom nook, he's so adorable.

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3 Coco

Coco is described as "one of the scariest villagers", because of his empty eye sockets and other odd features. I, however, think he is unique. I like how they gave Coco the interesting features of a gyroid. And anyway, if he's so creepy, what about Lucky? In my opinion, he's just as scary. And if you're gonna think any bunny is freaky, think of Bonnie.

I really don't get the hate for Coco. I don't think she's creepy, I think she's cute and unique. My village is down on villagers so I hope she moves in and becomes my friend.

"She's creepy! " said by 16 year old girls. should up she's cute and deserves a lot of attention

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4 Redd

Redd is a money-crazy crook who sells fake art and one piece that is real. Why is he on this list? Because he makes the game interesting. He also tests your art trivia. When I see his tent, I don't think, "Arceus, it's him again." Rather, it's "I wonder if I'll get this one right! " Like Resetti, I think he's pretty funny how he tries to convince the player that each fake piece is real.

Instead of saying "Arceus, it's him again." I say "Time to look up the Animal Crossing Wiki."

The way I get the real painting is using the guide at, it's the greatest animal crossing guide! - DapperPickle

5 Tabby

Once again, this guy is thought as scary. His devilish smile seems creepy, but I think it's kind of cute, too.

I was getting off the train on New Leaf
I saw the back of a cat, thinking we would be friends
Then I saw her face... - DapperPickle

6 Rover

Rover is amazing. He befriends you in the train when you first arrive, and in City Folk, he's always there to talk to you on the phone. Such a nice guy!

Rover is a funny guy. Man, just imagine if he was real! You can't dislike him and still be human, that's impossible.

7 Derwin V 2 Comments
8 Biskit
9 Marshal

Ha ha ha. If ANYONE thinks Marshal's underrated, they must be living under a rock. - FennikenFan9

10 Filbert

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11 Mint

But I like Mint. She's a cute squirrel - Mariomaster63

12 Dizzy

I love Dizzy! He has the closest resemblance to a real elephant and is cute!

13 Gwen
14 Rizzo

Rizzo is the most underrated animal crossing character of all time. He's funny, (when I had him in my town, he once said the other villagers had ugly faces) he gave me bamboo, (that's personal though..) and he's A MOUSE WITH PURPLE HAIR WHATS NOT TO LOVE PEOPLE?

He's been in my town for 2 years and he's never leaving cause he's awesome.

15 Bones
16 Pecan
17 Francine
18 Flurry

She is so sweet but a good hamster

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