Most Underrated Animated Disney Movies

Some of Disney's animated movies get a bad wrap. And while, yeah, some of them aren't great, there are a number of them that deserve better reviews than they receive.

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1 Brother Bear

All of these are underrated. - Pony

This makes me sob.

The book is wonderful!

2 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

It SHOULD be underrated. It was boring, lacked a great deal, and very dry and dull. Disappointing to someone who loves things that have to do with the ocean.

3 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It makes me sad to see this as underrated. Quasimodo forever. - Anonymousxcxc

This should NOT be underrated.

4 Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin

, I used to watch this movie all the time as a little kid!

5 The Rescuers Down Under V 2 Comments
6 The Black Cauldron
7 Wreck-It Ralph

It pains me to add this here, but once "Big Hero 6" came out this movie was all but completely forgotten, and it got overshadowed by "Star Wars".

That you can more easily find fans of "Rise of the Guardians" than this movie bothers me.

This movie was and is awesome. A great plot, great characters that have wonderful chemistry together, and beautiful visually. Seen at least a dozen times and totally recommend.

It somehow lost to Brave. That's underrated for sure.

8 Treasure Planet
9 The Sword in the Stone
10 The Aristocats

The Newcomers

? Pocahontas

The Contenders

11 Planes: Fire & Rescue
12 The Great Mouse Detective V 2 Comments
13 Tarzan

Tarzan is a phenomenal film! I'm really surprised that it's underrated. In terms of box office, it's one of the most successful Disney animated films.

Tarzan is such a beautiful story. I love it. Great for boys and girls equally.

14 Robin Hood

*tears *more tears Love this movie so much. Foxy ladies too haha

V 1 Comment
15 Oliver & Company V 1 Comment
16 Meet the Robinsons

I love this movie! It has such a sweet story and great characters.

17 The Fox and the Hound V 1 Comment
18 Big Hero 6

I'd disagree, but now that Zootopia's eclipsed EVERYTHING except Frozen...

19 A Goofy Movie
20 Cars 2

I really enjoyed this movie. It has the same fantastic characters as the original and it has a cool spy theme. I love the fact that it's like Mission Impossible but still kid friendly so it's enjoyable for the whole family.

I liked this a LOT more than its predecessor. I'm really confused about why it has the worst reviews for a Pixar film.

Pistachio ice cream! Haha

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Top Remixes

1. Brother Bear
2. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1. The Sword in the Stone
2. Wreck-It Ralph
3. The Aristocats
1. Wreck-It Ralph
2. The Sword in the Stone
3. The Aristocats



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