Most Underrated Animated Dreamworks Movies

The Top Ten

1 The Prince of Egypt
2 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
3 Shark Tale

I can see why people don't like this film but I think it has some really funny moments.

This movie is far from underrated.

4 Rise of the Guardians
5 Bee Movie

This really deserves to be higher up the list as it is hilariously funny and I laughed at every single bee related pun (and there was a lot) since they were clever every time. Barry's relationship with Vanessa was quite creepy alright but the movie was still heart warming and shows you that how sometimes the things you want aren't necessarily what you need. It showed us we should not be greedy but also to fulfil your dreams and don't just go with the status quo, follow your dreams. I really enjoyed this film and still really enjoy it now.

Honestly not bad. You can't hate on Jerry Seinfeld.

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6 Over the Hedge V 3 Comments
7 Home

While nothing special, I thought it was a decent flick.

Most underrated movie I've ever saw.

8 Turbo
9 Megamind
10 Flushed Away

The Contenders

11 Penguins of Madagascar

While it's not as good as the Madagascar movies, it was very enjoyable.

12 The Road to el Dorado
13 Shrek: The Whole Story

While it made a lot of money, it seems to be overlooked because of how bad the third movie was.

14 Mr. Peabody & Sherman
15 Shrek the Third

Shrek The Third is so underrated, almost everone I've met hates this movie. - darthvadern

16 Monsters vs. Aliens
17 Chicken Run
18 Trolls

The badest animated movie of 2016 exept norm of the north

19 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
20 Joseph: King of Dreams
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