Top 10 Most Underrated Animated Movies of the 2010s

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1 Megamind

The brain of a villain with the heart of a hero. What's not to like? It was quirky and unusual plus it had great music. I loved Megamind's character. He was the the underdog that was always living in the hero's shadow. He just wanted to be appreciated and noticed and when he wasn't he decided to be a villain. I enjoyed watching his character evolve into a hero. The movie had it all: humor, action, romance, and diabolical dance numbers. - NerdBunny

Aside from the cliched unoriginal storytelling, Megamind had some decent jokes, good voice acting, beautiful animation, fantastic action, and an outstanding soundtrack with songs such as Back in Black and Welcome to the Jungle. I was disappointed this movie never got the fame and sequels it's rival Despicable Me got all these years, because it really deserved more than it got. - Disneykid00

I was surprised at how clever the humor was in this one. I have to say, this was a lot better than what I expected. It's deserving of a high place on this list, for sure. - cjWriter1997

Might not have been an absolute favorite, but this is one of dreamworks most underrated - Phillip873

2 Kubo and the Two Strings

I love this movie.

Just saw it a week ago and I LOVED it. Although I feel like only a more mature audience will be able to truly appreciate it for what it is. - Anonymousxcxc

The craftsmanship in this is incredible. People might mistake it for another CG movie, rather than stop-motion. See any of the making-of videos for details you may have missed.

The critics loved "Kubo", but nobody saw it.

3 The Book of Life

Amazing movie but not talked about

Saw it yesterday, was amazed. - 445956

Watched this one in my Spanish II class. I wish I saw it earlier because I thought it was a charmingly good movie with a very interesting animation style - Phillip873

My aunt actually worked on this. I fell in love with it when it came out on Bluray. I only hope Disney can avoid ripping this off when they make Coco.

4 Paranorman

I like this movie. It is about a boy who can talk to ghost and everyone thinks he is crazy but depend on him to save them all in the end. I think it is a really good animated movie.

Really fun and scary, kept me interested throughout.

I'd watch this instead of that awful boxtrolls movie

5 Rise of the Guardians

Yes! I really enjoyed this movie and I like the fact all our holiday heroes e.g. Santa. Are all one. Like the Nightmare Before Christmas, it was an very good movie and one of the best that year for animation and Dreamworks alike.

One of DreamWorks most beautiful films. - cjWriter1997

It's quite a sweet movie

I've never seen this movie, but the movie itself is underrated. But with all the Jelsa stuff (Jack Frost and Elsa shippings) is what makes this movie somewhat relevant. This movie looks really good. - SmashPrincess

6 Shaun the Sheep Movie

I have ALWAYS loved both Shaun the Sheep Wallace and Gromit. This movie was hilarious and brought me back to my childhood

I don't understand why this movie is so underrated. It is amazing and full of good humor for the whole family to join in on.

I couldn't care less about the whole 'underrated' criteria a ton of lists have overused on here, though I absolutely loved this movie. Animated comedies nowadays definitely need to take inspiration from this movie's hilarious quirks! - Entranced98

I had to vote for this one because it's ridiculously funny. - Mcgillacuddy

7 Rio

I like it a lot - PeeledBanana

8 Monsters University

I'm going to be honest and say I found this underrated. It's a good origin story. Not Pixar at their best but it's not at its worst like people say - Phillip873

I honestly thought this was a great movie and way more developed than the two previous Pixar movies Brave and Cars 2. - Mcgillacuddy

Finally number 10, this movie is one of my Top 10 Pixar Movies, it shows a sense of friendship and how Mike and Sulley became friends. - TristGamer

I don't agree quite frankly. Its meh at most. But yea it is certainly better than Cars 2 - enderderp

9 The Pirates! Band of Misfits

This movie looks hilarious yet heartwarming and beautiful. - AinezoChan

I like this movie because it is British so that makes everything better. And they could do with pirates increased the possiblites of Aardman animation.

10 Sing

The Contenders

11 Home (2015)


Home is such a great film :( - AinezoChan

This Movie Sucks And It Has One Of The Worst Singers Ever In It, Rihh-Anna, - VideoGamefan5

12 Frankenweenie

Underrated as hell man. Not talked about enough because I found it better than Shrek and Shrek 2. I found it amazing.

This is a great film but a bit scary for younger kids

13 Pokemon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages
14 Epic

Blue Sky's creativity went through the roof with this to me. I really enjoyed and wish it did better than Ice Age 4 and Rio 2. I found it better and people missed a chance with this.

It was okay, I guess it is too generic. (That three-legged pug though.) - TristGamer

This movie was horrible - TwilightKitsune

I like this movie a lot. Everyone was fearing it'd be the same thing as FernGully and Avatar, but it isn't; there's no environmental message, no man vs. nature story, just a chance to be a fun little fantasy adventure about seeing the world from the perspective of borrower-esque beings. The animation is gorgeous, the best to come out of Blue Sky thus far, the writing is great, the voice actors all fit their roles, some quiet sympathetic moments, creative visuals, and surprisingly good pacing for a movie that takes place over the course of one day. 7/10

15 The Croods

Croods! Need I say more? This movie deserves better too. - AinezoChan

Holy...this is the most underrated. The story was outstanding and wasnt kidsy like Minions. - TristGamer

16 Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph is so underrated. People should pay more attention to this masterpiece than watch those horrible movies such as Norm of the North and Emoji Movie. - AinezoChan

This movie has one of the most heartbreaking scenes in cinematic history(ok maybe that's a little exaggerated). I just don't feel it's recognised as much as other movies, that aren't even as good.

This movie is not underrated - XtremeNerdz12

17 The Good Dinosaur

I actually kinda liked this movie. Granted, it's far from Pixar's best but it wasn't bad at all. - Mcgillacuddy

I think this movie is popular and underrated too. - AinezoChan

The story was just bland to me, I guess it just wasn't something people were looking for. - TristGamer

This was hilarious movie

18 It's Such a Beautiful Day

Amazing and beautiful movie

This whole movie is such a beautiful day! - The Ultimate Daredevil

19 Rango

This movie is really funny, and I do think it's underrated because barely anyone mentions it these days - Phillip873

Easily one of the best animated films in decades. The animation in particular is outstanding. - truckturner

Haha! I remember watching this as a kid. - AinezoChan

This may have been made by Nickelodeon (the company that brought us The Thundermans, Sanjay & Craig, Deadtime Stories, The Mighty B., Nick Jr., the Fred Figglehorn franchise, Fanboy & Chum-Chum, Barnyard, the recent Dan Schneider Nickcoms like Sam & Cat, Henry Danger, Zoey 101 and Game Shakers), but Rango takes place in the Old West and does not pander to little kids like genders are COMPLETELY different from each other.

20 Trolls

Trolls came out last year. - AinezoChan

21 9

Made in 2009 again stupid person

@RaccoonCartoon The dolls in the movie are numbered 1-9 and 9 is the main character. - Mcgillacuddy

22 The Secret Life of Pets

Nah, it's overrated

Nope! It's sucks! It's worse than a car's life & even norm of the north!

True! This movie is hilarious! - AinezoChan

23 Minions

Minions is too overrated to be honest. I still like it though. - AinezoChan

Amazing film I love it when little gru comes

I love this film, I don't understand why so many hate it. It's a good film for all the family. I'm nearly 17 and I'm love with animated movies like this. - WinchesterGirl26

Terrible movie that deserved it's hate to be honest. What was so good about this movie to people, I don't know. And don't tell me it was "funny", because I was uterrly bored watching this - Phillip873

24 Rio 2
25 The Peanuts Movie
26 Arthur Christmas

A great Christmas movie, this is great Christmas movie and I like the fact it is catching with modern times and like it for that fact

You Put This Here Because I Liked The Movie... - VideoGamefan5

Great movie and one of Aardman's best. Funny, charming and very Christmasy, this feel-great film should hopefully become a festive favourite in the future. - Mrveteran

27 The Boxtrolls

I like the fact that most of my animated movies on this list as Stop-Motion animation. It is great and creative movie throughout and give it a watch.

One of the most overrated movies of 2014. Whenever someone says that they don't like The Boxtrolls in favor of Big Hero 6, they get thumbed down. >:(

28 Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

This came out in 2009! IDIOT! 1

29 The Wind Rises

Miiyazskis last film it was a good note to go out on.

Pretty good film. And I think it was better than that bad When Marnie was there and mediocre Kaguya. - Pinkarray


30 The Secret World of Arrietty

Not the best Studio Ghibli movie but still worth checking out. - egnomac

I feel so sorry for AniMat if he was hated for having positive opinions on Wreck-It Ralph, Arrietty, stop-motion, the Madagascar trilogy, Pixar and not loving Hotel Transylvania duology, The Lorax (2012) or the second half of the Ice Age sequels.

I really enjoyed this movie and really actually would reccomand it and I really like it.

Female stereotypes everywhere, hated it - Yatagarasu

31 Wolf Children
32 The Angry Birds Movie

Yes, Definitely Underrated, I loved every part of it.

33 Puss in Boots

This one is pretty funny too. I liked it more than some of the Shrek films. - cjWriter1997

For a spinoff movie, this is a pretty good movie! - Phillip873

Very underrated dreamworks movie that has been regonised as good movie like a prequel but a very good one and I really enjoyed this movie

34 Your Name

I want to watch this movie but don't know where to stream it - Phillip873

35 Ratchet & Clank

This movie is so 2000s, I just had to enjoy it. That time was when it was enough for animated movies to simply be fun.
Actually, sometimes I think that people only like blockbusters if they offer more than fun. So, Ratchet & Clank sticks to the formula... but it's just so enjoyable that I could not care less. - Martin_Canine

36 Anomalisa

Charlie Kaufman did it again.
This film is a masterpiece. It's brilliantly acted, well animated, full of details that you might catch on, and is cryptic as all hell, the script is near flawless, but then again, what would you expect from the screenwriter of Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Adaptation., and Synecdoche, New York
It's a shame that films like these won't get the attention, it deserves.

37 Batman: Under the Red Hood

A really good movie, I wish this was released because people would love it and I loved it when I got it on dvd but I wish I saw it sooner.

One of the best DC animated films, and a damn good feature in its own right. Well-acted, well-animated, and the script is some of best superhero movies have to offer. Since Mask of the Phantasm isn't on here (for some ungodly reason), I'll be casting my vote to this piece of awesomeness.

38 How to Train Your Dragon

The fanbase for this movie is probably one of the biggest animated movie fanbases, wouldn't call it underrated. - Phillip873

39 Cars 2

It's bad, but very entertaining to watch - Doomed_God

40 Penguins of Madagascar

This movie is so funny!
"Private: Hello, are you my family?
Kowalski: You don't have a family, and we are all going to die."

41 The Adventures of Tintin

A great Spielberg movie, it had been overshadowed I my opinion.

Raise your hand up if you think WatchMojo is unlikeable for refusing to put that film on its list of greatest films by Nickelodeon Movies. Another probably with that list is that The Rugrats Movie topped the list instead of its successor which also was avoided from the list. Both predecessors of Rugrats Go Wild! are enjoyable, but ElectricDragon505 did not put Rugrats in Paris on his list of greatest animated sequels for no reason. In fact, if he gave both Toy Story 2 (just now) & 3 a perfect score, then maybe he should have had them top his list of greatest animated sequels, which was made around the time he gave Tintin his first chronological Seal of Approval for grand reasons. Let’s just see if Toy Story 4 would make Toy Story a great animated quadrilogy.

42 The Boss Baby

If only this movie had better ratings. - AinezoChan

Nah - Phillip873

43 Kung Fu Panda 3

Very underrated, I think it's even better than the first two. - darthvadern

44 The Lego Batman Movie
45 Ice Age: Collision Course

It's Okay - darthvadern

46 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks

My Little Pony is worshipped, it's so worshipped they made a film to make the ponies become human.

47 Moomins and the Comet Chase

It was hot.

48 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods
49 Cars 3
50 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection
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