Most Underrated Animated Movies of 2017

Philip873 made the list of most overrated animations of the year so I decided to make the list of most underrated animations of the year.

The Top Ten

1 Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

This is is so underrated! It was a great movie which has funny cahracteres, simple but good animation. And honestly the bathroom humour wasn't that bad, comparing to Boss Baby's bathroom humour, this movie's humour look like The Godfather, you know what I mean. - darthvadern

I'd agree with this for nostalgic reasons - Phillip873

Good Dreamworks movie. - Eraser

2 Smurfs: The Lost Village

I haven't watched it but god how underrated! Sony movies are known for being very overrated, but that's not the case with this one. - darthvadern

3 Rock Dog

Never heard anything about it - Randomator

I almos forgot this existed. - darthvadern

4 Despicable Me 3

As Philip873 said, it varies in the world where this movie is overrated or underrated, in the USA there is many merchandise, while here in Europe (Or in Sweden at least), this movie is literally forgotten in the shadows. It dosen't either help this is the second most overhated movie of the year. - darthvadern

I watched it and I'm 17 and it's a really funny film - WinchesterGirl26

Definitely not underrated in the US - Randomator

5 Cars 3

I actually really want to see this one. - HaydenFullwright

Probably the best of the Cars series - Randomator

This was good but still one of Pixar’s weakest films - MegaSoulhero

6 The Emoji Movie

You actually liked this movie? - MegaSoulhero

Deserves its hate. - Phillip873

It sometimes feels that I'm the only person who adores this masterpiece...i comfort myself by telling myself the others are blind and ignorant. - DapperPickle

More like overrated - Eraser

Do you even know what overrated means? This movie just earned like a very little praise and the rest hated this movie, also, there isn't much merchandise. - darthvadern

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7 The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

At least this is underrated for a good reason, the first was horrible, this had a higher rotten tomatoes score but that's not saying much. - darthvadern

8 My Little Pony: The Movie
9 The Boss Baby

A lot of the movies on this list are awful, awful movies. - DCfnaf

See Emoji movie. Same thing here only slightly better - Randomator

10 Loving Vincent


The Contenders

11 The Lego Ninjago Movie

How is The Emoji Movie and Boss Baby higher than this? I actually found this okay - Randomator

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