Most Underrated Attack On Titan Characters

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1 Armin Arlert Armin Arlert Armin Arlert is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama. He accompanies the Protagonist Eren Jaeger. He is mostly known for his smart and quick witted mind. His notable feature is wanting to explore more.


Too underrated - Mikaito

Seriosly people think he is useless? I love him so much.Fight me

Armin is only of my favorite characters! He deserves more credit from the fans! He's a genius! Thanks to him, a lot of people are still alive! And he's too cute! People hate him just because he's not so strong!

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2 Hanji Zoe

SO underrated, everybody sees her as the comic relief, or the crazy woman. She's so much more than that. Hanji DOESN'T love titans. Hanji ISN'T crazy. Hanji ISN'T only comic relief. It's no thtat hard to understand.

She really is underrated

best girl

3 Mike Zacharias

Who is this guy?

Bravest character


If the beast titan actually went 1 on one with Mike, he would have gotten destroyed

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4 Eren Yaeger

In my opinion he is the best Attack on titan character. He is extremely underrated and hated by most of the fans so he should be the first on this list of the most underrated characters.

I never understood why Eren is 6th for best SNK characters. He's the MAIN CHARACTER and he deserves more credit than ANY of the others. Levi is an overrated piece of trash compared to this guy. Annie is a traitor, Jean is way more obnoxious, and Mikasa would have been a close second to Eren. Honestly, Eren is the real deal and EXTREMELY underrated.

Watch till the end. Eren is emotionally strongest and represents rage of humanity itself

He is not useless like so many other people say

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5 Erwin Smith Erwin Smith Erwin Smith is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

This character can't any more better...

6 Ymir

Ymir is a really cool character, no one really thinks much if her but her character is super unique and different, her backstory is also super interesting. Show this girl some love, she my favorite

Hot lesbian

7 Annie Leonhart Annie Leonhart Annie Leonhart is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

Annie is actually pretty cool!
Sure, she killed all those people, but not on purpose! She was forced! FORCED. Plus, she is really strong, has some awesome martial arts skills, and her Titan is pretty epic.

8 Sasha Blouse Sasha Blouse

Potato Girlll

She get you a potato!

9 Moblit

He deserved more time then he got. All the good stuff he did. He was always helping. RIP. Best boy

He didn't get a lot appreciation and most people would wave him off but he died for a good reason but to be honest I think Hanji would have been beat if it weren't for him or even killed.

I enjoyed Moblit and Hange’s relationships while at lasted, it was unfortunate it ended so soon though. It would be interesting if he were still around after the timeskip.

Poor Moblit, he was a good character! - Jearmin_Shipper

10 Reiner Braun

Reiner's just gone through a LOT. I mean he's only my fourth favorite character but he is seriously underrated. Can't really say much without going into spoilers though.

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? Floch (Flocke) Forster

I love him!

? Pieck

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11 Historia Reiss

Historia is so underrated! She deserves so much better! A lot of people think she's a crybaby, but she certainly isn't. I think a lot of the people that say that have only seen the anime. She's strong and brave! She has such a sad past (not as sad as Levi's) but still sad. She grew up on a farm (not that that's bad) and was the daughter of Rod Reiss and some lady that worked for the Reiss family. Since she was the child if an affair, nobody wanted her. She was lonely and had no friends. Her mother hated and ignored her and has even told Historia that she wanted to kill her! But eventually her mother was killed by Kenny Ackerman and Historia's father pretended to for her and gave her the fake name Krista Lenz, for her "well being". When she joined the cadets, she faked the "kind and sweet" personality after a character she read about as a child because she thought everyone would like her better that way. And eventually she reveals her past and saves Eren and makes her own decisions ...more

Considering how she stopped Eren from being so suicidal, she did something. Not to mention her love for killing Levi violently is amazing, since all the fangirls love him.

12 Rico Brzenska

She's a hot bean

She only showed up 2 times in the anime and is pretty much a badass that can stab and slice a Titans eye off and seriously she can challenge Erwin in the eyebrows game

I love Rico, in my opinion best girl, she is skilled and her rank js only B. Deserves mjre screentime definitely. Love her.

13 Connie Springer

Most underrated character of this anime, without a doubt.

14 Uri Reiss

He is so underrated :(

15 Hannah Diamant

I find her very underrated. She gets absolutely no credit, whatsoever. To me, she's needs more love and affection.

Who is she? o_O

16 Kenny Ackerman
17 Isabel Magnolia

She was pretty, cheerful and kinda stong. She (and Farlan) was the person who made Levi smile. And her death was really sad.

18 Nick

Nick the wall worshiper I think deserves more credit, he was the one who helped the scouts find the true royal family, he was also strong and stayed with his beliefs until the end, even Levi stated that in season 3.

19 Nanaba
20 Yelena

She's just so great

21 Bertholdt Hoover

He's so underrated he wasn't on this list until I put him on here until now

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