Most Underrated Beatles Albums


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1 Beatles for Sale

Everybody talks about revolver and rubber soul (even though rubber soul is probably in the top 3 for worst beatle albums) but beatles for sale is just so good

2 Yellow Submarine

I like Hey Bulldog, All You Need Is Love & All Together Now - westofohio

This album sucks - UncommonLoon

Don't like it!

3 Help!
4 Let It Be

This album gets a lot of flack, but I think it's really good. Although Abbey Road was the last album recorded, I think this album makes a better swan song. The tracks kind of have a melancholy feel to them, and it's like the title and the title track speaks to the fans, giving an initial feel that the song was intended to be a message to the fans about the break up and the future. I also love that the first Beatles song written appears on their last album (One After 909). This album is definitely one of their most overrated albums.

5 Magical Mystery Tour

It's awesome? It has Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, All You Need is Love, Hello Goodbye, plus everything else! Fool the Hill, Your Mother Should Know... - erw115

As good as Rubber Soul and maybe even the White Album, but never gets the credit for it. - lavillaof2112

6 With the Beatles
7 A Hard Day's Night

First album of all lennon mccartney songs

8 Rubber Soul
9 Please Please Me
10 Revolver

The Contenders

11 The Beatles With Tony Sheridan

Not really a good example of their talent, but its still kind of a Beatles album and therefore great!

12 Beatles Anthology
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