Most Underrated Beatles Songs Written by John Lennon


The Top Ten

1 And Your Bird Can Sing

Love it! It is really catchy - jmepa1234

Gorgeous enlightened song. Great melody.

2 I'm Only Sleeping

An ode to all lazy people in this world, effortless and beautiful

3 Tomorrow Never Knows

This was a good kind of experimental. Not that crappy/creepy revolution nine experimental. I really love this song

This song is not underrated, the critics and Musicians all gave it the thumbs up.
What a wonderful song title

4 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
5 If I Fell
6 It Won't Be Long
7 Across the Universe

So difficult to select only one. This is by far, my favorite. Haunting, delicious and lyrically, perfect.

8 I Want You (She's So Heavy)
9 I'm a Loser
10 Day Tripper

The Contenders

11 Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds
12 Glass Onion

Amazing how he talks about his other songs in this simply amazing melody..

The best beatles song

13 Hey Bulldog

This is such an amazing song! Especially great bass and vocals!
'If you're lonely you can taalk to me! '

14 I'll Be Back

Tearworthy lyrics by Lennon. Hopeful heartbreak made poetic. Haunting vocal harmonization and melody leaves you listening to it repetitively. John's best.

15 Good Morning Good Morning
16 Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite

This isn't sung by George, it's John who songs it

17 I Should Have Known Better

Underrated classic.

18 No Reply

Fantastic song, very underrated. Beatles for sale along with revolver and rubber soul have the best 3 opening songs.

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