Top Ten Underrated Big Brother Canada Players

The Top Ten

1 Paras Atashnak

Most underrated big brother Canada player ever. Amazing social game and split up a power couple her game is sooo good

2 Dre Gwenaelle

Reasons why she is #1 on this list:
-best social game in bbcan5 hands down
-she was able to control her emotions and utilize the advice given to her by the vets
-very perceptive of people who were not trustworthy
-worked closely with the strongest duo Demetres and Ika until she tried to turn on Ika (which didn't work because Ika had too much control on the house during that week still) - ddsprite

3 Topaz Brady

She was very analytical, and knew what was going on in the game almost all of the time (which is impressive considering how much naps she took). I think people tend to remember her as the girl who messed up her vote - yet she was a very silent but deadly player in BBCAN1. - ddsprite

4 Bruno Ielo

Overlooked and underrated because he is not "entertaining" like some other houseguests. His strategy and gameplay was on point in BBCAN3 and he would have won had it not been for Brittnee's twist. - ddsprite

5 Zach Oleynik

A strong player and legitimate fan that could have also made it very far in BBCAN3 had it not been for all the twists. People didn't like him that much in BBCAN3 because his alliance controlled so much of the game, but that's not a reason to take away from how strong of a player he was strategically and socially. - ddsprite

6 Sarah Miller

Very strong senses on who was trustworthy in her alliance and what place she had in the game. She was one of the first people to know that Arlie could not be trusted in season 2. I think she could've gotten very far had it not been for her association to Kenny. - ddsprite

7 Sabrina Abbate

She is remembered as being nominated and essentially dragged to the end by Heather, Jon and Neda. However, watching back on BBCAN2 will remind you of what a legitimate threat this girl was pre-Canada HOH. She was in control of essentially everything and could have continued going forward with her alliance if they had not gotten so cocky. - ddsprite

8 Andrew Monaghan

He knew when to flip on Alec and Peter to join forces with Jillian Emmett and Talla. I think he is a very underrated player in BBCAN1. - ddsprite

9 Alejandra Martinez
10 Willow Macdonald

She would of stayed if Sarah didn't vote to save Pilar

Underrated socially in BBCAN3. Nobody was going to go after her anytime soon, but because she hadn't won any HoHs no one knew who she would nominate. Since she was seen as such a wildcard, she was taken out during the triple eviction which I think robbed her. - ddsprite

The Contenders

11 Kelsey Faith

She said some dumb things and made some dumb moves but she excelled when she really needed to. Her speech to return into the house was so smooth and convincing. She was able to pull out wins in the end to bring herself to the final 2. Major downfall was that she was surrounded by too many strong players in the end, and all their games completely outshined her's. - ddsprite

12 Chelsea Bird
13 Demetres Giannitsos

Not really "underrated" but he won the most HoHs ever in Big Brother North American history and I definitely don't think he deserves enough credit. I think part of it is because he was with Ika and Kevin in the end and both of those players are also very strong. I wish he got more credit and is seen as a bigger threat and better game player than he currently is. Also great social game and teaming up with Ika was one of his best moves. - ddsprite

14 Jesse Larson

All around sociable guy, was well liked by the house but his game was cut short because Hamza was unpredictable and crazy

15 Olivia Riemer
16 Talla Rejaei

I think she played dumb a little bit, she actually had a very clear grasp of what people were plotting and doing in the house

17 Hamza Hatoum
18 Liza Stinton
19 Eddie Lin
20 Mitch Moffit
21 Anthony Douglas
22 Dallas Cormier
23 William Laprise Desbiens
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