Most Underrated Big Brother U.S. Players

These are some of the big brother players that don't get enough credit for some of the moves they made. I set aside how I personally felt about them and completely focused on game play and strategy. Comment on what you think.

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1 Danielle Reyes (Big Brother 3) Danielle Reyes (Big Brother 3) Danielle Reyes, is most notable for being a contestant on the 3rd and All-Star seasons of the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.

I was so upset of how she lost to Lisa, who did nothing but sleep with Eric. Her alliance with Jason was so strong and she never even got nominated, that just shows how much of a strong player she really is. The only reason she didn't win was because everyone on the jury ( except Jason ) were very bitter and were poor sports.

In my opinion, Danielle has grounds to sue Big Brother for their not sequestering the jury. It still disgusts me to not see her on a winners list, but instead see the face of little-miss-do-nothing-Lisa. Danielle is not only an underrated player because she lost, but she's one of the BEST PLAYERS EVER and definitely the best female player hands down.

Danielle Reyes is one of the strongest strategical players in Big Brother history. Creating the alliance with Jason early on secured her pathway through Season 3 and had the jury been sequestered in a house as in future seasons, unable to see her somewhat malicious Diary Room sessions, she would have won with a 7-0 vote!

Totally underrated

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2 Nakomis Dedmon (Big Brother 5) Nakomis Dedmon (Big Brother 5)

Everyone seems to forget of how she was the creator of the ever popular move " Back Door ". The 6 Finger plan was a genius move and was the first ever Back Door in BB History. She just doesn't get enough credit.

The 6 Finger Plan was one of the most genius moves still to this date in BB history. A real shame she was booted out so early in All Stars I think she would have done good things in there

3 Jun Song (Big Brother 4) Jun Song (Big Brother 4)

Jun demonstrated the floating strategy in an amazing way. Even though its not my choice of game play, she really slid under the radar and never got caught up in any lies and was very slick. She was one of my picks for Season 4.

Not underrated

4 Jason Guy (Big Brother 3)

I think if he made it the final two he would had won! He was able to play the game smart and strategically while maintaining the good guy role!

His Alliance with Danielle was by far, one of the most strongest in BB History. He along with Danielle made it into the Final 3, never ever being nominated. It was sad seeing him leave while making it so far and he was the only decent person in the Jury who voted in the right way.

Had he made it to final 2 he would have beat both danielle reyes and lisa. He was the real best player of season 3. Had onecof the best social games ever and a great alliance. Was never nominated until final 3. Extremely underrated player who I'd love to see play again

He's overrated

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5 Keesha Smith (Big Brother 10)

Single handily blew up the huge alliance of 8 which she was a part of and the following week betrayed her ally April to send Jessie home and makes one of her closest allies in Libra take the fall.

She has the guts to make a huge move and isn't afraid to make a move.

A very strong player and I think she could've had a chance to win against Dan. She would've for sure won against Memphis.

6 Eric Stein (Big Brother 8)

If not for the ridiculous America's player twist he probably would have won. Even though he was forced to vote against his alliances almost every week, he was able to avoid suspicion.

Most people don't even know who this guy is. He is the best player to never win the game. He would've won Big Brother 8 if he wasn't America's Player. He should get a spot on All Stars 2. I cannot believe people consider Dick Donato a better player than this guy.

7 Zach Rance (Big Brother 16) Zach Rance (Big Brother 16)

He had a pretty bad game, both social and strategically. His alliance pretty much carried him until he became too much of a liability to them. He's not the worst player but def not anywhere near good or great. - ohok

He had a decent strategic mindset but the saboteur thing kind of screwed him over I think he's worthy of All-Stars

8 Kevin Campbell (Big Brother 11)

He was the low-key person but made the critical moves in the house. He played Jeff and save him and his alliance when they were about to be demolished

He should have won! A great player and he lied which was great!

Totally dominated the house but Always avoided being a target. Whether he would throw someone else in his path or trick people into doing his dirty work he always escaped eviction. Had he just won the final hoh or Natalie he would be the winner of bb11. Definitely the only strategist that season and I hope he comes back for all stars.

9 Aaryn Gries (Big Brother 15) Aaryn Gries (Big Brother 15) Aaryn Elizabeth Williams is an American reality television personality, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and former model from San Marcos, Texas. She is best known for her appearance as a contestant on the reality television show Big Brother 15.

Although she is hated, you have to admit she is an outstanding competitor. We are only in the middle of the season and she has won 4 Head of Household competitons as well as a power of veto competition. She is responsible for 3 huge players being evicted from the house. Lastly, she went from being hated by the majority of the house to being in good graces with nearly everyone.

She has won 5 competitions and only half the season is over! I dislike her as a person but she is a great competitor.

Disgusting human, good player. Still don't like her and she should not, and probably never will, come back to the house.

I may be crazy but hear me out, if Aaryn, Elissa, Helen, and GinaMarie formed a F4 during the eviction of Howard. A women definitely would have won, a four great contenders each side willing to eliminate the other's boyfriend. That would've been more fascinating then the Exterminators coming into fruition.

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10 Austin Matelson (Big Brother 17) Austin Matelson (Big Brother 17)

He actually played a pretty good game. He formed the Sixth Sense alliance to protect Liz and Julia, he didn't touch the block till day 78, won the veto when he needed to, and both Both he and Vanessa made a lot of strategic moves.

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11 James Rhine (Big Brother 6) James Rhine (Big Brother 6)

Strategy aside, this guy was on the block MULTIPLE times and busted his butt working to win the P.O. V and won most of the time. He is also a very genuine sneak player who is excellent at the game and was one of my favorite players from Season 6.

He kicked butt in a lot of competitions and did a good job of floating through part of season 6. He really is an outstanding competitor but he never placed high enough for a lot of credit.

He was a hardcore gamer, but not the best.

He wa the veto king and seriously hot. Too bad they edited him into becoming janelles enemy in all stars

12 Libra Thompson (Big Brother 10)

I loved Libra. She was a good duo with Keesha and they worked hard to get rid of Jesse. I also felt that despite her being in some sticky situations early on, she got out of them but unfortunately, not early enough for her to be the first Jury Member. I'm sure a lot of BB Fans can remember her as a good player.

13 Da'Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 17) Da'Vonne Rogers (Big Brother 17)

She figured out the twin twist week two in season 17. In season 18, she assisted in evicting Bronte, Tiffany, and Frank. She also knew that Nicole was not trustworthy.

She never made a move and when she had the majority she found a way to get into the minority

She flipped the script at times very masterfully. I don't think she's as bad as people are trying to make her be.

She's actually not underrated at all. the'vonne just sucks at Big Brother.

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14 Amanda Zuckerman (Big Brother 15) Amanda Zuckerman (Big Brother 15)

Why is she not number one? Her gameplay was amazing she controlled every eviction until her own

She definitely isn't underrated, but she's not overrated either. She had good gameplay and easily could have won her season.

I hate her but she was a good player

Brutal but awesome

15 Erika Landin (Big Brother 4 & 7) Erika Landin (Big Brother 4 & 7)

She didn't deserve to win against Mike Boogie (who is dangerously overrated), but she did deserve to make it to final 5. She floated well through the game, but her big moves only came at the end.

Dr. Will even admitted that he under estimated her and people can't deny that she got rid of the two most strongest players in BB History and I felt the jury was slightly bitter.

In S7, if it wasnt for her, Janelle would of had no clue that Will was playing her.

Erika played a great game in bb4 and 7. In bb4 she had an alliance with Jack and eventually join Jun and Allison. She had a very level headed mind and made smart cool calm decisions. Alison knew she couldn't beat Erika this her eviction in the final 4. In BB7 all she did was take out the 2 greatest big brotber players in Danielle and Will

16 Shelly Moore (Big Brother 13) Shelly Moore (Big Brother 13)

Shelly is one of the most hated players of Season 13 and I honestly can't see why? She went against big man jeff which was a huge move and was excellent at playing both sides. Despite her getting caught, she made it decently far into the game.

Shelly was the best player in Season 13, despite popular belief. She played both sides well, partly due to a good social game. Her only mistake was going after Jeff too early. It costs her the game.

Her losing the game was the consequence for Jeff/Jordan, death threats are ridiculous. I liked her, and she was the deciding vote that gave Rachael the game win.

The only reason she went home was due to the rigged Pandora’s Box. If that didn’t happen I bet she or Kalia could have won the game. Shelly played a great floater strategy.

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17 Kalia Booker (Big Brother 13)

Amazing. Challenge under dog but won when necessary

She would of won if Rachel didn't evict her

She win wheb she had to and she was a good competitor and blindside jeff of she past final 5 she would have made final 2 trust

She was the only newbie to play the game in season 13

18 Ragan Fox (Big Brother 12)

He was the first person to catch on to the Brigade but unfortunately he was too late and the Brigade figured out he cracked their code, if only he found this earlier maybe he would have gotten them out

I loved Ragan, he worked hard to stay in the game and didn't put up with anyone's crap. He was an underrated player and physical competitor.

19 Jordan Lloyd (Big Brother 11 & 13) Jordan Lloyd (Big Brother 11 & 13)

Jordan played a great game. She always managed to keep the target off the back by putting a strong target in front of her in Jeff. Once Jeff got evicted she started playing the game so well and winning competitions which led her to an easy final three spot.

In season 13 she was basically forced into the veterans alliance, but once again playing it off as a non-threat to the newbies alliance. She one more competitions than she did in season 11, which I guess you could say made her more of a player. Her alliance with Rachel was very similar to hers with Jeff in bb11, as in she always kept the bigger target in front of her which led her to an easy final four when she was evicted by Porsche.

She won the game, then made it to the final four, she has to be doing something right.

How is she underrated? She's the most OVERRATED PLAYER EVER. She had zero game other than being likeable. Jeff carried her and the only competitions she won was the final HoH and the other ones were thrown to her. People say she "played it off being dumb" but she didn't play that up at all. She's just naturally like that... She even said herself she didn't know what she was doing in Season 11. And she rode coattail a in BB13 and generally just had Jeff support her the entire way

This girl got lucky because people knew she genuinely had no idea what was going on. She and Lisa sit on top of the list of fluke winners.

Yeah it's weird with Jordan as she is in a way, too overrated and too underrated at the same time

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20 Donny Thompson (Big Brother 16) Donny Thompson (Big Brother 16)

Stayed into the Jury, even though he was seen as a threat week 1, lost several allies and still fought hard when he was alone without anyone... Never stopped fighting... One a BOB alone, and the first veto to take himself off the block.

I really give him credit for being the only one who knew what Derrick was doing. He could have gotten him out but Derrick had all of his pieces trap him. Definitely had a potential that could be lost for him

Donny, was good at comps and even won a BOB by himself. He survived until jury even though she was a threat.

21 Lawon Exum (Big Brother 13)

He's better than Dan, Will, and Derrick combined together.

By far is the greatest player of all time

The goat in my opinion


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22 Helen Kim (Big Brother 15)

She and Amanda controlled that whole house in the beginning of the game! Helen is super under appreciated. I hope she comes back for another season

She dominated that whole house

She orchestrated Judd’s eviction at the DE just by saying she wanted him out! Honestly, I would say she controlled the house even more so than Amanda at the beginning of the game because unlike Amanda, she was playing a great social game too and was well liked in the house. Although people were targeting her and Amanda, Amanda was a meatshield for her because Amanda was quite rude and domineering to the other houseguests. She did lose due to Amanda and McRae, but she should be given more respect as a player for controlling that house so amazingly at the beginning of the game.

23 Candice Stewart (Big Brother 15)

She figured out the moving company alliance in under a week and she's the one of the main reasons why Nick left the second week.

Huge role in saving Elissa/taking out Nick. Had an impeccable read on the house including noting Amanda's control and starting the wave of turning people against her. Remained insanely calm in a high stress environment.

24 Steve Moses (Big Brother 17)

He is so underrated. Many people refer to him as a floater but he isn't. His strategy was to be under the radar, look weak and make the others believe that they could use him. His strategy worked as Vanessa brought him into Scamper Squad. For the first 5 weeks the bigger personalities like Jace, Davonne, Jeff, Audrey and Jason were evicted so Steve was smart to stay out of the way. He threw comps when he didn't need to win, but won when he had to and nominated power players like Jackie and Austwins and evicted Vanessa. Even though he was under the radar for most of the game he made some good moves early on. In week one he formed a small alliance with Jace and Austin, he formed the Rock stars alliance with Johnny Mac and in week 2 he aligned with Vanessa and this helped him get into scamper Squad. He started to play more aggressively near the end winning 3 of the last 4 Hoh's, taking a shot at Austwins and evicting Vanessa. So he played a really good game. However, his moves were very ...more

Steve is very underrated. The thing about Steve is that he won when he needed to and wasn't a competition threat. Steve was a smart player and the Jury gave him credit for sending Vanessa out. Liz wouldn't have done that. So Steve definitely didn't float.

25 Britney Haynes (Big Brother 14) Britney Haynes (Big Brother 14)

I love her. Amazing social game and proved that she could win competitions. Although her flaw in BB12 was not seeing the Brigade. In BB14, however, she had a good read on the house, which is eventually what led the master of the game to send her out. Honestly, who really could have won against Dan's funeral?

26 Andy Herren (Big Brother 15) Andy Herren (Big Brother 15)
27 Lisa Donahue (Big Brother 3)

Take her off this list immediately. She had no place winning over Danielle. She has a bitter/stupid jury to thank, but she never should have won nor should she have made it as far as she did. Thanks, Big Brother, for only inventing sequester after this fluke.

28 Jackie Ibarra (Big Brother 17)

Had Steve targeted the sixth sense rather then Jackie during the Double eviction Jackie already had her spot in the final 3

I honestly feel like she should be higher, people criticized her as being a coaster in the game which is only because the show edited her to be that way, she had a good read on the house such as when she saw through Shelli's lie about Jason and was one of the few people to see Vanessa's game but if it wasn't for Steve, she would have gone MUCH farther.

29 Ian Terry (Big Brother 14)

Obviously underrated

30 Spencer Clawson (Big Brother 15) Spencer Clawson (Big Brother 15)
31 Diane Henry (Big Brother 5) Diane Henry (Big Brother 5) Diane Nicole Henry is an American model most known for coming in third on Big Brother 5, a reality TV show broadcast by CBS in 2004.
32 Rachel Reilly (Big Brother 12 & 13) Rachel Reilly (Big Brother 12 & 13) Rachel Eileen Reilly Villegas is an American television personality, a talk show host, an actress, and a reality show participant.

This girl is the definition of a fighter. Everyone in the beginning saw her as a target and she made it into the jury but in Big Brother 13, she WON and she was a target the minute she walked in the door because everyone saw how she played. Even though she has a bad social game, she truly deserved to win the prize.

33 Frankie Grande (Big Brother 17) Frankie Grande (Big Brother 17) Frank James Michael Grande Marchione (born January 24, 1983), usually credited as Frankie Grande or Frankie J. Grande, is an American dancer, musical theatre actor and singer, producer, TV host and YouTube personality. He is the older half-brother of singer and actress Ariana Grande. V 1 Comment
34 Michelle Costa (Big Brother 10)
35 Andrew Gordon (Big Brother 12)
36 Devin Shepherd (Big Brother 16) Devin Shepherd (Big Brother 16)

Obviously the best player of all time

37 Nicole Nilson Schaffrich (Big Brother 2)
38 Brian Hart (Big Brother 10)

Although Brian was the first houseguest evicted. Chances are very likely that he would’ve made it far in this game and possibly even won it had he not made the mistake of playing too many mindgames in the first week. After Ollie threw him under the bus, his game and the side of the house that sided with him were all evicted except Dan Gheesling.

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