Most Underrated Billy Joel Songs

The Top Ten

1 Say Goodbye to Hollywood

Slow, speeds up, slows down, speeds up...I love it! And the ending instrumentals top it off. - emraldYE

2 An Innocent Man
3 Tomorrow Is Today

The title alone is relatable as hell. - emraldYE

4 Everybody Loves You Now

Piano is incredibly beautiful. - emraldYE

5 Prelude / Angry Young Man
6 She's Got a Way (Live)

His most beautiful song. - emraldYE

7 The River of Dreams

"Even though I know the river is wide, I walk down every evening and I stand at the shore." - emraldYE

8 Streetlife Serenader
9 The Ballad of Billy the Kid

Great choices. - CyberRat

10 Miami 2017 (I've Seen the Lights Go Out On Broadway)

I've never once heard this played on the radio. - emraldYE

The Contenders

11 Why Should I Worry
12 Why Judy Why
13 Leningrad

This one recently grew on me. I think it's one of his best. - emraldYE

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