Top 10 Most Underrated Blind Guardian Songs

I was quite perplexed when I saw the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'. There are BG songs that are severely underrated. I don't say they all have to be in the top 10 but #70, 60 or 50 is just too low for some of them.
When you vote or add items here, use the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs' for orientation.

Remember, this is underrated songs and not the best songs!
Underrated songs - pretty good songs that receive too little attention. Some of the underrated song can be even better than songs getting more credits. Songs that are in the top 10, 20 or even top 30 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs' are not underrated, unless you think a song at #29 should be at #3, for example.

I don't take into account their 2015 album - people still don't know these songs.


The Top Ten

1 Tanelorn (Into the Void) Tanelorn (Into the Void)

At #67 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

I think this song is perfect, 5/5 from me. - Metal_Treasure

This song live was unbelievable! Hansi even at his age could still hit those insanely high notes!

Blastin' refrain! One of my top favorite bg songs from the first listening.

2 Age of False Innocence

@IronSabbathPriest - I agree Re this album (2002). I can't understand why it's so underrated. It marked several significant improvements which they continued to improve later - increased complexity and technicality, more intriguing drumming, better sound thanks to better production/mixing, better vocal harmonies, Hansi widened his range and polished further his vocal skills.
My explanation for being underrated: too progressive. - Metal_Treasure

Anything from A Night at the Opera could be considered underrated. People forget about the album, but it's one of my favourute BG albums. Nice list. - IronSabbathPriest

At #76 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

This must be the most underrated BG song - I added it at #76 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'. I couldn't believe there were 75 songs and this one wasn't even on the list.

I listen to this song quite often because it's one of their most beautiful tunes, and one of the top 5 vocal performances from Hansi.

It's a classy and elegant song, which is very proggy and some may say it's prog metal, or at least prog power metal.

It's from 'A Night at the Opera' album, 2002 - Metal_Treasure

3 Thorn

Currently it doesn't look underrated but it IS - it's at #16 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs' just because I put it at #1 on my remix but it was at #43 before that. This song should be in the top 10 best BG songs.
I honestly think it's better than Mirror Mirror.
Thorn is my favorite BG song - it's awesome and gives me chills. Very intense and beautiful, an ocean of deep emotions. Hansi's voice at its best. There's a very low note at the beginning, which is unforgettable. Later at 2:30 his vocal is something to die for. Great lyrics. - Metal_Treasure

4 A Past and Future Secret

At #58 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

One of the most beautiful and soulful songs I've ever heard.
This is an amazing ballad and I think that the re-recorded version of 2012 is even better (first released in 1995).
The 2012 version is not just a remix, it's a re-recording: Hansi sang it differently (better!) and he changed 2-3 lines in the lyrics. - Metal_Treasure

5 The Last Candle

At #59 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

1990. A great song - the intro scream, the chorus, the outro. Hansi's voice is superb! This song is awesome live. - Metal_Treasure

6 This Will Never End

Great song with dark lyrics. Gives me the chills at the scream part

At #69 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

Very well written and performed song with cool riffing. - Metal_Treasure

7 Theatre of Pain

I admit I overlooked this song of 1992, too. I just discovered its beauty and epicness. Especially the version known as Classic Version that was a bonus track to that same album. Bonus track?! What?! It's better than the official version.
Yes, rule #1 should be "You have to listen to Blind Guardian songs at least twice. Sometimes even 5 times". Many people wrote this on other lists and it's so true. - Metal_Treasure

What a beautiful song!..just can't get enough of it..just wished that the length of the song was a bit longer by 2 minutes at least.. - Arhaan95

8 Ride Into Obsession

At #44 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

2010. Should be higher than #44 on the list of 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'. - Metal_Treasure

Reason for excellence: The Wheel of Time based. - Merilille

9 Time What Is Time

At #25 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

It doesn't look terribly underrated now but it is - it's at #25 because I put it on my remix list (it was way lower before that, maybe #41).
1992. This song should be at least in the top 15 best BG songs. - Metal_Treasure

10 Turn the Page

At #48 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

2006. Awesome song and Hansi's voice is buttery smooth here. I'd say it should be in the top 20-25 on the list of best songs (#48 is too low for this tune). It was even #56 several months ago. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Fly

I would rate this song 5/5. It's so beautifully proggy. Cool drumming. Unbelievable vox from Hansi - smooth and intense at the same time. - Metal_Treasure

12 Noldor
13 Traveler In Time

At #54 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

1990. Heavy, fast and aggressive yet melodic song. - Metal_Treasure

14 The New Order

At #56 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

Very beautiful song with cool lyrics. - Metal_Treasure

15 Journey Through the Dark

At #75 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

1992. This is one of their fastest songs, if not the fastest. It's their old style - speed metal with raw aggression.

It's not as good as Majesty but #75? Come on ... - Metal_Treasure

16 When Sorrow Sang

This song is unhealthy levels of underrated.

17 Guardian of the Blind

At #68 on the list of the 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

They named the band after this song (it's from their debut album, 1988).
This is the most violent BG song - lyrics are mamma mia ... - Metal_Treasure

18 The Quest for Tanelorn

I like this song. Besides, Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray plays a 1 min long guitar solo. - Metal_Treasure

19 Lost in the Twilight Hall
20 Control the Divine
21 Distant Memories

I know you said you don't count their newest album, but I feel like adding this one song because it is a bonus track on the deluxe edition. I'm so happy I decided to get the deluxe edition, because this is one of the best songs on the album... and it's a bonus track. This deserves to be on all versions! So I guess this is more underrated by the band than anything. - IronSabbathPriest

@IronSabbathPriest - I completely agree with you. It's a mellow song and this can make it underrated.
I didn't count their new album because it was too early and people didn't know the new songs. Moreover, I still can't say which great song from this great album is gonna be forgotten in the future. But it's OK if people add songs from 2015. - Metal_Treasure

22 Mordred's Song

This song is so intense and beautiful. Its acoustic version is great, too. - Metal_Treasure

23 The Bard's Song (The Hobbit)

When people say "The Bard's Song",they usually refefer to In The Forest,but this song is even better.And it is really underrated - DejanKalinic

24 Spread Your Wings
25 Harvest of Sorrow
26 Run for the Night
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1. Tanelorn (Into the Void)
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1. Tanelorn (Into the Void)
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3. Ride Into Obsession


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