Most Underrated Blink 182 Songs

When people think of their favorite songs from a band they think of the hit singles. What blink 182 song didn't get to be a single that could have or should have been?

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1 Dysentery Gary - Enema of the State

One of my all time favorite blink songs. But none my my friends know this song, they might be crazy laugh out loud :) can't wait for blink 182 concert 8/12!

I love this song, one of my favorites, I love how raspy Tom's voice is in this, and the awesome guitar riff intro. It is very catchy and relatable. This song definitely deserves more attention. I keep replaying Tom's raspy vocals over and over again cause they sound so good.

I am very thankful to see this song at number three. This is my favorite blink song. It should be number 1 though. Just my opinion. But this is a pretty accurate list.

This is a great song that is fun to listen to. Every time it comes onto my iPod I get excited because it is my favorite song!

2 Degenerate - Dude Ranch

Best song hands down

This song is really funny in my opinion.

Don't like hesh, don't like rap
Kicked ol' Sally cause she's fat
I'm a jerk, I'm punk
Took a shower cause I stunk

I keep singing that line over and over again, and the ending of this song is hilarious.

3 Easy Target - Blink 182

Cool lyrics, Holly you've seriously out done yourself

4 Touchdown Boy - Cheshire Cat
5 Cacophony - Cheshire Cat
6 Strings - Cheshire Cat
7 Story of a Lonely Guy - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

"I would wish upon a star, but that star it doesn't shine" -- you know sometimes wishes don't really come true, this song just hit me right in the feels every time

So read my book with a boring ending, a short story of a lonely guy.

Best blink song in my opinion

Best Blink song ever!

8 Mutt - Enema of the State

Catchy and just really fun to listen to!

One of my favourites

9 Aliens Exist - Enema of the State

Yep love it

Love this song, really catchy, I love the bit where it goes "dark and scary, ordinary explanation, information..."

Love, Love, Love this song, but I didn't hear it for the first time until I went to college in 2005, one, of my all time favorites!

Listen to the live version on the enema strikes back mark tom and travis show.

10 What Went Wrong - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

This is perfect at number one, but stockholm syndrome should also be at the top of the list

What went wrong? Is the part where this song didn't get ranked high enough

Obviously :) so ' good. Catchy, especially the lines " I'm kicking out fiercely..
. "

One direction kinda copied their song "i get teenage kicks right through the night"
no wonder tom is "kicking out fiercely" at the world

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11 Violence - Blink-182

Really meaningful. One of my favorite songs.

Yes - Sojournes2112

I first heard this song when the CD was just running in the background while playing Counter Strike. I instantly had to go through the CD again to see what song it was. I realized I always skipped it because the beginning was so weird to my 15 year old self. The hook is absolute fire. "Like violence, you have me, forever, and violence, you kill me, forever, and after." With time, this song means so much more.

12 Online Songs - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Was listening to "Story of a Lonely Guy" while thinking of this list. Online Songs definitely deserves to be #1, though. My Colombian wife who likes reggae and her Colombian music JAMS to this song all the time! She actually likes a lot of Blink's songs, but this one takes the cake. Disagree about Dysentery Gary, good song, but Online Songs is so great from start to finish!

Definitely their most underrated song. This may be my favorite song by blink period! Awesome guitar interlude, great lyrics and classic Mark na na's

Everything is perfect about the song. When it gets to the part that goes "and she said na na na na na... " I go nuts. Me and my friends blast this song from our cars all the time

I've always preferred Mark's vocals. The way the lyrics and guitar strums sync up in the chorus creates one of Blink's catchiest songs, which is saying a lot.

13 After Midnight - Neighborhoods

Lyrically is superior than the songs above it on it's list. Maybe that's why it isn't number one, they put too much thought into it, unlike their earlier songs.

The best blink 182 songs since the hiatus! Super underrated and for me one of the best songs made by them, super nice it has this mix of punk rock and "chillness"

The music arrangement is very simple which is good...

"those nights go on and on and on" Love it! - Jonerman

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14 Anthem - Enema of the State

One Of The Lost Greats On Enema Of The State Played Once Live

15 A New Hope

Perfect metaphors in a perfect song. So relatable

This song is pure genius to me. it's a super sweet love song for Star Wars nerds.

16 Asthenia - Blink-182

Sounds like it should be a classic but no one ever seems to mention it

It seems like no one knows this song. This is one of my favourite blink songs. I suggest strong blink fans to listen to it. Great song

Yeah, it is one of my favorite blink's songs too, it means a lot to me, I can relate the lyrics to something that happened to me and that's why I like it so much. Really good song, it becomes even better when you find a meaning to it. - Wolf92xd

Come on sonically this song is fire. The 6/8 part in the middle is amazing!

Yeah, after neglecting this song my brain keeps questioning "Should I go back, should I go back, should I?
Heh, obviously I did. It deserves to be in at least the top 5.

17 Stockholm Syndrome - Blink-182

This was the first song I ever listened to from them. - Sojournes2112

This song is really underrated, I love this song and it should be more played, I like this song better than All the Small things to be honest

This song makes my list of top 5 all time Blink 182 songs. The hard hitting snare, the end chorus lyrics are insanely good.

It's a good song and it's better than all the small things

18 Obvious - Blink 182

this song is so freakin good, I'm the only one of my friends that actually know this song

19 Untitled - Dude Ranch

I think this song deserves to be higher up than this to be honest. The lyrics are perfect, and play out as a great song that could fit many friendship / relationship situations.

It's just such a good song and so underrated! I remember buying this album when I was 13 years old and this song especially the last 5 lines are just so amazing!

The mark tom and travis show version is so good!

I'd rather hear the original Dude Ranch version, but anyways all the songs from the Mark, Tom and Travis show are awesome! - Wolf92xd

My favorite blink song for sure. It's just the tight balance between their pop punk and alternative melodies.

20 Shut Up - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Awesome song. I love the bass in it.

My favourite Blink song of all time. It should be top!

Best I've ever heard

Shut the f*** up she said, I going f***ing deaf your always too loud, everything too loud...

Such an awesome teenage singalong!

21 Wendy Clear - Enema of the State

The lyrics here are amazing
"but I'd play with fire to break the ice,and I'd play with a nuclear device"

22 Apple Shampoo - Dude Ranch

Has a lot meaning to it and is the most underrated song in my opinion

One of their best.

>> You know that it meant everything to me! <<
It's so catchy

23 I'm Lost Without You - Blink-182

this song is one of the most underrated song, hence in my opinion it should be no 1 among underrated blink 182 songs.

This song lyrics went straight in my heart. Damn great!

24 Time to Break Up - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (Bonus Song)
25 Lemmings - Dude Ranch

Blink 182 at their prime. This song always gets me with the line "but we've gone our own ways, I know it's for the best but sometimes I wonder will I ever have friends like you again? "

Love this song! Pretty smart punk rock song

Mabye its time that you looked at yourself
Stopped blaming life on someone else

26 Enthused - Dude Ranch
27 I'm Sorry - Dude Ranch
28 Don't Tell Me It's Over - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
29 Ghost On the Dance Floor - Neighborhoods

I grew to like this song a lot more. probably number 6 or 5 favorite for me

I don’t get how this song isn’t underrated. It’s has meaning to it, And the music is amazing. Makes me cry every time I listen to this.

30 Carousel - Cheshire Cat

This is not underrated, it is probably in their top 5-7 most popular.

This song is not underrated.

Best bass intro ever

Should be 1, this is my favourite blink song!

31 Boxing Day

So catchy... It never gets old

32 Every Time I Look for You

Awesome song, love listening to it driving in the summer. Reminds me of American Pie films. Very catchy and underrated.

Once more, will the last one please shut down the door?

Amazing song!

33 Wasting Time

One of Tom's best riffs ever, should 100% be in the top 5 at least. Song is perfection of Punk

34 Boring - Dude Ranch
35 Give Me One Good Reason - Take Off Your Pants And Jacket

Literally such a great song

36 Even If She Falls - Neighborhoods

What the...? How is this 36!?!? This song is amazing and is underrated as hell due to the fact it is classified as a bad song along with the majority of Neighborhoods which I actually found to be amazing. Sorry, but you guys have to check this one over again. Certainly better then it's place.

Yea, sure, Neighborhoods is a bad album. This song, After Midnight, Love is Dangerous, and Wishing Well are exceptions - DolinFangworth

How the heck is this no.40? Even If She Falls deserves to be in at least the top 10s. the lyrics are beautiful.

This is a great song that should be played at concerts

37 21 Days - Buddha

Best song off of Buddha hands down.

One of my favorites, one of the best opening riffs ever. It totally deserves more credit, and possibly a spot on the new toures setlist? Please

38 Going Away to College

Relatable to high schoolers who’s significant other is a year older. Makes me sad to listen

39 Natives

One of the best song in Neighborhoods, I listened to this song again and again when I feel depressed - vhfnell

If you're still some kind of school student, this is actually very relatable if you read between the lines...why is there no one voting for this?

This song should seriously be higher, it is AMAZING. one of the songs that made me love blink

This SHOULDN'T be here. I agree Natives deserves to be in a way higher position! the lyrics are so interesting

Example: "I'm f****** Jekyll and Hyde, we'll have the time of our lives although we're dying inside"

"Don't start to panic for me 'cause I have nothing to lose. I am as bright as the sun I burn up all that I chose"

40 MH 4.18.2011 - Neighborhoods

Ignored this song for years, after going back to listen through all of Neighborhoods, this quickly became a favourite of mine.

The lyrics are quite meaningful to me, this doesn't deserve to be at #42!
come on "stop living in the shadow of a helicopter"

41 Ben Wah Balls


Wah wah wu wu wah

42 Bored to Death

The best song by them, hands down

43 Here's Your Letter - Blink-182

Here's your letter, a song so underrated it didn't even get on the underrated song list. this song is a masterpiece, great vocals and a killer bass from mark, amazing drumwork from travis, awesome lyrics, and one hell of a bridge. this song deserves some love - ubobi

44 Toast & Bananas - Buddha

Pretty much the reason why I love blink

45 Down - Blink 182

One of my all time favorite Blink songs

My favorite song. I love blink 182!

46 Not Now

They were intentionally saving this to be their last song of the 00's.

Best blink song, completely underrated it's ridiculous

47 Wrecked Him - They Came to Conquer... Uranus

Best riff and my personal favourite!

Most underrated blink song ever right beside Zulu and 21 days

48 M+Ms - Cheshire Cat

How is this not on the list what

49 Voyeur - Dude Ranch
50 Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol Cover) - Unreleased
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