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41 21 Days - Buddha

One of my favorites, one of the best opening riffs ever. It totally deserves more credit, and possibly a spot on the new toures setlist? Please

42 MH 4.18.2011 - Neighborhoods

Ignored this song for years, after going back to listen through all of Neighborhoods, this quickly became a favourite of mine.

The lyrics are quite meaningful to me, this doesn't deserve to be at #42!
come on "stop living in the shadow of a helicopter"

43 Going Away to College
44 Bored to Death

The best song by them, hands down

45 Here's Your Letter - Blink-182

Here's your letter, a song so underrated it didn't even get on the underrated song list. this song is a masterpiece, great vocals and a killer bass from mark, amazing drumwork from travis, awesome lyrics, and one hell of a bridge. this song deserves some love - ubobi

46 Down - Blink 182

One of my all time favorite Blink songs

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47 Natives

If you're still some kind of school student, this is actually very relatable if you read between the lines...why is there no one voting for this?

This song should seriously be higher, it is AMAZING. one of the songs that made me love blink

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48 M+Ms - Cheshire Cat V 1 Comment
49 Voyeur - Dude Ranch
50 Wrecked Him - They Came to Conquer... Uranus

Best riff and my personal favourite!

Most underrated blink song ever right beside Zulu and 21 days

51 Dancing With Myself (Billy Idol Cover) - Unreleased
52 Go - Blink 182

Best lyrics of any Blink song, along side I Miss You

53 The Girl Next Door - Buddha

Just an awesome song but didn't get the atention because it was only on Buddha

54 The Party Song - Enema of the State

This is amazing, just the energy it takes, and sums up a party in the mid 1990s

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