Top 10 Most Underrated Bob the Builder Characters

The Top Ten Most Underrated Bob the Builder Characters

1 Spud

He made a funny comic relief character after he stopped causing trouble. - myusernameisthis

2 Farmer Pickles
3 Travis Tractor

Yeah, he's common but you'e right! Travis is somewhat underrated - darthvadern

4 Scrambler

At least he isn't as annoying as in the swedish dub where she tries to be hip and cool for kids through his lines. But I don't think she should be this high up. I mean she pretty much owned Project: Built It - darthvadern

5 R.Vee

He is definitely one of the most underrated. Not only is he the vehicle with the least amount of screentime and only appeared in Scrambler to the Rescue, he also had a badass design! I wish he was used in more episodes than just one T.V. special even though e could've been used more. For characters like Jackaroo or Scoot you can understand why they were underused because one them lived on the north pole and the other one in the west, but this guy was in Robert's garage and yet he only appeared once - darthvadern

6 Splasher

Yeah, he's pretty obscure and underrated. I people nowadays forget about him - darthvadern

7 Lennie Lazenby

To be fair it's not weird he's underrated because:

1. He's a human and the humans in Bob the Builder aren't nearly as popular

2. He only appeared in the christmas movie - darthvadern

8 Pilchard

A unique cat, I mean she's blue! - darthvadern

9 Skip

Pretty underrated, but I think Packer and Rubble are more underrated - darthvadern

10 Trix

Not really, her cousin Sumsy is to be fair more underrated - darthvadern

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