Top Ten Most Underrated Book Series

I have not read all of these series, but I was recommended to a few of them.

The Top Ten

1 The Lunar Chronicles - Marissa Meyer

The books are great and the author was really nice when I met her as well.

My sister read this. She seems to like it. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

I agree. The first book might be a bit of a turn off, but read on and it will get BETTER and BETTER.

I read them. Believe me, they are AMAZING. Marissa Meyer is my new favourite author. - TwilightKitsune

2 The Elementia Chronicles - Sean Fay Wolfe

Dear god no - WaffleKnight

3 Red Queen Series - Victoria Aveyard

This book is not bad but I wouldn't recommend it - Murphypaw

Mah sis read this too! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

4 Whatever After - Sarah Mlynowski
5 The Selection Series - Kiera Cass

This series is so good! I keep telling everyone spoilers! Oops! - Marshmallow

6 The Ranger's Apprentice - John Flanagan

Wonderful series.

7 Land of Stories - Chris Colfer

That has to be one of my personal favorites. - Firemist

Again! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

8 Warriors - Erin Hunter

Sorry to ruin your list, but this book series is extremely overrated. It has a HUGE fanbase and lots of people I know read this.

I wish there was a dislike button so I could dislike your very rude and untrue comment. Almost none of the kids in my school read it! - Firemist

I love this series, but none of my friends read it. - Oliveleaf

Yes this is best! - Murphypaw

Yaas, its da best. - Firemist

9 A Series of Unfortunate Events - Brett Helquist

Overrated. Well, at least I think so. Everyone loves it but it's not really my style. - Firemist

10 Wayside School - Louis Sachar

It's pretty good. - Firemist


The Contenders

11 The Wheel of Time Series - Robert Jordan
12 Wings of Fire - Tui T. Sutherland

Ooh, I love this one. - Firemist

Awesome book!

13 Malazan Book of the Fallen - Steven Erikson
14 Seekers - Erin Hunter

Please read this it has rich cultural connection to the inuit tribe of canada and teaches readers about the antarctic wildlife refuge and conservation. It's as good as warriors!

15 Foxcraft - Inbali Iserles

Yeah, that was pretty good. - Firemist

16 The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

It's pretty decent, but I wouldn't say it's underrated. - Firemist

17 The Blue Door - Christa Kinde

Makes you want to read more - Marshmallow

18 Amulet - Kazu Kibuishi

A masterpiece. And the best bit, it's a graphic novel! - TwilightKitsune

19 Inkheart - Cornelia Funke
20 Demonata - Darren Shan

Most people I know have not heard of it and it is criminally underrated

21 Survivors - Erin Hunter
22 Fantomas - Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre

One of my favorite series, and it's actually well-written, unlike most series on this list. The other good ones are Wayside School and Series of Unfortunate Events (assuming this is the Snicket series and not another, different one).

23 Guardians of Ga' Hoole - Kathryn Lasky

This an awesome book series that more people should read. It is overshadowed by Warriors, which I have read and find overrated.
It has 15 books, which seems like a lot but once you read it you will be hooked.
Kathryn Lasky has made a world that you can believe in and get lost in.
The end is sad (I cried, which is a thing reserved for things like Fred Weasley’s death and other such tragedies) but he rest of the series is amazing.
This is a series that deserves to be more popular than it is.

I disagree with your comment about Warriors but I see why you might not like it. Although I don't really mind the drama in it though. - Firemist

24 Wolves of the Beyond - Kathryn Lasky

This is an awesome book series that deserves more love.

25 Investigator Yashim - Jason Goodwin
26 Twilight Series - Stephenie Meyer
27 Fifty Shades Trilogy - E.L. James
28 The Black Coats - Paul Feval
29 The Edge Chronicles - Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
30 Delirium - Lauren Oliver
31 Skulduggery Pleasant - Derek Landy

This is the book series that is AMAZING and hugely underrated. Skulduggery Pleasant is a book series I am currently waiting for the next book to be published. It is great for anyone who likes or at least doesn't mind a bit of punching and kicking and amazing swordfights and magic(NOT the Harry Potter kind). As an eleven almost twelve year old girl I highly recommend it and the author, Derek Landy has more, a trilogy called Demon Road which I'm not going far into because I have not read them yet.
-Fan girl out!

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