Top 10 Underrated Breakbeat Songs You Should Check Out

Breakbeat is kind of a rare genre, but there's a bit out there if you search hard enough. Most of the breakbeat songs are from Monstercat, however. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just "hey, listen to something other than Monstercat, maybe hear a new genre!"

The Top Ten

1 I'm Not! (Colombo Remix) - Detach

The first breakbeat song I ever listened to. Lyrics are about parties (and it's rap, so you know this is gonna go well), and it's fun to listen to, yet headbangs at the same time! - syntaxEDM

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2 Battle Cry - DotEXE

DotEXE is a breakbeat master (even though he makes indie dance under the moniker Summer Was Fun now). This song, the last one he released as DotEXE on Monstercat, is nothing short of AMAZING. LET ME HEAR YOUR BATTLE CRY! - syntaxEDM

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3 Faces - Candyland & Shoffy

Candyland is pretty much unheard of (except that one time when they remixed You Don't Own Me). This was their debut on Monstercat, and I'd say the RnB influences were definitely the reason this came to #3. - syntaxEDM

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4 Fire Away - Fractal

This one's actually more Electro than Breaks, but you go ahead and listen and decide for yourself. - syntaxEDM

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5 Apollo (SLDGHMR Remix) - Astronaut

This is considered Nu Skool Breaks, and it's kind of chill at the same time. - syntaxEDM

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6 Breathing Me In - Koven UListen to Sample
7 War (Teddy Killerz Remix) - Astronaut & Far Too Loud

One of my favorite remixes of War. Teddy Killerz never ceases to amaze. - syntaxEDM

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8 Swamp Thing - Pegboard Nerds

Swamp Thing is a really nice song, with its unusual use of a fast banjo to make things more tense. Feels like we are really fighting a swamp thing. - syntaxEDM

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9 Sweet - Unlike Pluto

Sweet is such a funky head-turner, with breakbeats over a jazz & RnB driven melody. Truly a masterpiece. - syntaxEDM

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10 Bad Language - Topi

Sometimes there are those songs that need no explaining on why you like them. You just do. Personally, I think it's Topi's unique style that brings this one to #10. Amazing song. - syntaxEDM

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