Most Underrated Cage the Elephant Songs

Cage the Elephant is a indie rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky originally composed of Matthew Shultz, Brad Shultz, Daniel Tichenor, Jared Champion and last but not least Lincoln Parish. From their self titled to Tell Me I'm Pretty, they have managed to deliver very good singles. However, it is also their underrated songs that us fans tend to enjoy very much. So here is the list.

The Top Ten

1 Judas

This song off of their self titled has a killer guitar riff through out and is an over all amazing song to rock out to. Very underrated. - Parish2024

2 Sweetie Little Jean

This is a very depressing song if you look at the story and it is portrayed so nicely and sweetly in this song. It is a soft kiss on the cheek and is very mellow for Cage. - Parish2024

3 Indy Kidz

Okay, now this song is an acquired taste, however I love this song off of Thank You, Happy Birthday and I believe the screeching vocals and guitars (and drums) in this track make me want to jump around. - Parish2024

CTE making fun of more than half its fanbase always makes me happy.

4 2024

This is a fast song by Cage from Thank You, Happy Birthday and it is very fun. The "Speed Metal" track is overall a well put together piece, with the guitar riff and colorful bass throughout the song (of course with Matt's screeching vocals). - Parish2024

5 Monkey Disease

When I listened to this minute and a half track I was stunned. It isn't played at all and it is rocking' with its heavy guitar and screeching vocals. - Parish2024

6 Teeth

Okay, the trumpets and the amazing poem at the end. What's not to live from the energetic number from Melophobia? - Parish2024

7 Telescope
8 Hypocrite

A catchy opening chord progression, with beautiful vocals from Matt Shultz and such a fragile feeling, it is a warm embrace for when you feel alone. This song has turned so many of my days around, and I love it for doing so. - Parish2024

One of my favorites of Melophobia. Can't wait to see them live! - PeterG28

9 Cry Baby
10 Free Love

I would've put this further on the list, the closer to their self titled effort is very energetic with screams, very noisy guitars and an overall rocking' spirit to it. This song gave the feeling of Free Love alright, it is awesome! - Parish2024

The Contenders

11 Punching Bag


Where tf is this song on the list

12 Sabertooth Tiger

This is an awesome song to see live, with the angry and fast pace, you can't expect more from Cage with this loud song. It makes me want to tear my teeth out and "Run Away, Run Away, Run Away from the Beast" - Parish2024

13 That's Right

This is a very mellow but fun song to dance to and just hang around with. At a party or gathering just dance and talk and not give a care. Very fun song. - Parish2024

14 Sell Yourself
15 Doctor Doctor Doctor Help Me Help Me Help Me

Pretty fun track, catchy and Intense but unknown to most.

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