Most Underrated Coldplay Songs

Songs by Coldplay that did not get the attention they deserve!

The Top Ten

1 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
2 Green Eyes
3 Amsterdam
4 Hurts Like Heaven
5 See You Soon
6 Warning Sign

My second favorite song of all time by any band and it's 19 on best Coldplay songs. This is an easy number one. - Songsta41

7 Square One
8 Us Against the World
9 Sleeping Sun
10 Shiver

The Contenders

11 Don't Panic
12 For You
13 Oceans
14 Talk
15 A Rush of Blood to the Head
16 Atlas
17 Trouble
18 Birds

This is why I hated this song so much, also the music video in #AHFOD, their clothes are terrible as it used to be, or this Leonard Knight WAZBAG!

So underrated! Clearly one of the highlights of AHFOD! The catchy drums with one of the best quick bass lines I've ever heard! The guitar is phenomenal and the vocals, as always, perfect. Go check it out now, whatever you do, however you feel!

19 Glass of Water

Such a great song, as all Coldplay songs are. - Merilille

20 Careful Where You Stand
21 The Scientist
22 Life is for Living
23 Crest of Waves
24 Army of One
25 Swallowed in the Sea

My personal favourite song ever

It's so beautiful

26 Postcards From Far Away
27 U.F.O.
28 All Your Friends
29 Fun
30 Brothers & Sisters
31 Sparks
32 Yes

This is an awesome underrated song!

33 Major Minus
34 Life In Technicolour II
35 Up With the Birds
36 Prospekt's March/Poppyfields
37 White Shadows
38 The World Turned Upside Down
39 Rainy Day
40 Death Will Never Conquer
41 A Whisper
42 Daylight
43 O
44 What If
45 Animals
46 Always in My Head
47 Twisted Logic
48 Low

The loudest Coldplay song!

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