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21 The Wedding Singer
22 The In-Laws (1979)
23 Protocol
24 The Hot Chick
25 Big Stan
26 Galaxy Quest
27 Who's That Girl?

Better than most of the recent "comedies" that focus on "gross-out" humor.
I think Madonna has always been at least credible in her movies. - Alexandr

28 Rat Race

Mr Bean. And others. I haven't watched this in a while but remember it in such a great light. Luminous light. Good movie it seemed, I'm gonna watch it soon. - marlonacott

This is an absolutely hillarious movie and it has an all star cast as well. - Shadsilvson11

29 Porky's
30 Semi-Pro
31 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
32 Dogma
33 Freddy Got Fingered
34 Oscar
35 Nadine
36 Blind Date
37 Harold and Maude

This movie is so funny and really wrong on quite a few levels. - fireinside96

38 Norbit

This isn't underrated. This movie isn't that funny. It deserves the hate it gets.

39 Nacho Libre
40 Home Alone 3
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