Most Underrated Computer Animated Movies

The Top Ten Most Underrated Computer Animated Movies

1 Kung Fu Panda 2

I have to be really honest. This one is actually FAR better than the first Kung Fu Panda, the ending is so happy and sad it will leave you in tears. So loved baby Po.

Yes I agree it will leave you in tears.

This is FAR superior than the HTTYD movies.

This is Dreamworks' Best.

And it's the Best Animated Movie EVER!

Kung fu panda is awesome! Especially the 2nd one!

2 Ratatouille

This is easily the most underrated animated movie for me. The characters are just so likable and the story is so unique and refreshing. Highly Underrated.

So underrated! I loved this movie when I was younger and I'd always dance at the end credits lol

I love this! I didn't realize it was underrated!

3 Monster House

Best animated horror movie. The ending is very sad and a bit disturbing but all in all it's a fantastic movie. Beware: It may be to scary for young children.


4 Over the Hedge

Definitely the funniest and one of the most entertaining animated movie I've ever seen. I laughed so hard by the end of it that I was crying! Also I LOVE the characters in this movie. Especially Hammy (the squirrel) and Ozzie and Heather (the opossums). Should be in the top ten best animated flicks ever!

May 19 2016-Happy 10th Anniversary Over The Hedge!


It Needs To Be More Popular

Heard of it & watched it. Its only ok.

5 Hoodwinked

This movie is so awesome even though the animation is scary

Plus Red's Voice Is Also Catwoman In The Dark Knight Rises And Jewel In Rio And Its Sequel

Pretty bad animation but the story is extremely cool in different, unexpected even. The villain is also really funny.

Red Would Later Be The Voice Of A Blue Macaw

6 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole

The books were much better but the movie while VERY different is really good when not being compared to the books. I love owls which is another reason why I loved it.

This is a beautifully animated film. I give it a 9/10.

7 Rio

Very lovable characters. Quite underrated.

I remember being shocked that no one cared about this while being able to ramble on and on about how great Up is.


One of the best movies I have ever seen. Blu is my favorite character because he's a funny, cute and likable character.mHeck while everyone else was nicknaming their Toucannon in Sun and Moon fruit loops or Toucanon Sam or something similar I named mine Rafael after you know, one of the main characters in the movie who is also a toucan. Very creative of me I must say.

8 The Adventures of Tintin

Very cool movie. Like the Hardy Boys, Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure put in a blender.

I saw this on Christmas. Its really good.

9 Cars
10 The Good Dinosaur

Severely underrated. Okay, Arlos animation is terrible & lt has one of the worst titles. And his dads death is a bit too' reminiscent of The Lion King. But once you look past these things, lt's so great. Spot doesn't talk at all, so lt hearkens back to the greatness of WALL-E, which accomplished much with no dialogue. The animation is really top-notch. The story treats you like an adult by showing you some violence & realistic tragedy. Spot is an enjoyable character & switches things up by being the dog to Arlos human. Some retarded things happened during production & lt's not quite as fleshed out as is standard for Pixar, but lt is nonetheless a great movie. I dare say lt's better than Inside Out. You just have to give lt a chance & look past lts ugly flaws. It's secretly a Finding Nemo underneath the Cars 2 wrapping.

The Contenders

11 Despicable Me 2

Absolutly hilarious! Once again better than the first one.

Why is the first comment disliked? Its pretty much true!

12 Wreck-it Ralph

Pretty darn epic movie, the plot, settings, characters and references/cameos were genius, genius, genius!

This is underrated? It is so popular. Also very epic, great characters and plot, and old videogame characters were imcluded!

13 Rio 2
14 Big Hero 6
15 The Angry Birds Movie

Umm.. WHAT?! This movie is my favorite of all time! Not only is Bill Hader in it (the original Fear) but, COME ON! Its Angry Birds!

16 Minions

The Public Hates This Movie But I Loved It

17 Mr. Peabody & Sherman
18 Frozen
19 Rise of the Guardians
20 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
21 Gladiators of Rome
22 Planes
23 Home
24 Bolt

I liked this movie much more than Wall-e, Frozen or most of the other monster hits...

25 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
26 The Secret Life of Pets
27 Trolls
28 Monsters University
29 Coco
30 Rock Dog
31 A Monster in Paris

Amazing movie! I love the settings of 1910 Paris and the soundtrack is just beautiful. 11/10!

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