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1 Elvenefris - Lykathea Aflame

Best extreme metal album of all time from 2000. Combines every form of death metal ever (brutal, progressive, technical, melodic, grind, etc) with new age, ambient, world music, arabian music and more. But it actually combines it together, rather than just going from one to the next (even though the transitions are VERY drastic). Very uplifting and happy sound, despite the brutality. Positive and spiritual lyrics, epic as hell, actually brought me to tears at points. You have to hear this for yourself to believe it, it is utterly mindblowing. - Caleb9000

Yes, this album is very good - it has brutality and some unique ideas. Growls remind me of Lord Worm of Cryptopsy. - Metal_Treasure

2 Nespithe - Demilich

One of the wierdest metal albums ever from 1993. Otherworldly and technical riffs, unconventional structures, variety in tempos, THE DEEPEST GROWLS EVER RECORDED, surreal lyrics and much more. - Caleb9000

3 Deathcult For Eternity - The Chasm Deathcult For Eternity - The Chasm

Atmospheric death metal from 1998. Combines both dissonance and melody in a brilliant way. Slightly progressive and very complex. Epic concept with lyrics. Imagine "Symbolic" by Death combined with "Obscura" by Gorguts. - Caleb9000

4 The Ending Quest - Gorement The Ending Quest - Gorement

Slow, melodic, beautiful and depressing death metal from 1994 that manages to not be death-doom or melodeath. A very gothic atmosphere without sounding like Cradle of Filth. Very unique style... "gothic death metal"? - Caleb9000

5 Transcendence Into the Peripheral - dISEMBOWELMENT Transcendence Into the Peripheral - dISEMBOWELMENT

Death, doom, grind and dark ambient all mixed into one from 1993. VERY slow tempos that are almost funeral doom, very low and ominous growls with occasional screaming, poetic and spiritual lyrics, depressing and scary emotions and occasional blastbeats. - Caleb9000

6 The Red in the Sky is Ours - At the Gates

Not only the first melodic death, but also first avant-garde death metal abum from 1992. Lots of tempo shifts, odd time signatures, spastic drumming, hellish sense of melody, occassionaly dissonant twin harmonies, shrieked vocals and occasional violin. MUCH better than Slaughter of the Soul. - Caleb9000

7 Ashore the Celestial Burden - Dark Millennium

Rather progressive death/doom from 1992. Complex structures, a very spacey atmosphere, firey mid-range growls, semi-religious lyrics and feelings of sadness throughout. - Caleb9000

8 Dawn of Dreams - Pan.Thy.Monium

Very experimental Swedish death metal from 1992. Unusual use of ambient keys, atonal saxophone, the vocalist isn't even saying anything (death growl's answer to scatting), unpredictable structures and many more suprises. Dan Swano from Edge of Sanity is in this, easily his most underrated project. - Caleb9000

9 To the Depths, In Degradation - Infester

HIGHLY atmospheric brutal death metal from 1994 with occasional use of synths. The music is very murky and hellish, with lots of slower sections and the production is low-fi. The vocalist sounds like Satan himself. - Caleb9000

10 Omnipotence - Wicked Innocence

Very strange and atmospheric brutal death metal from 1993. Complex song structures, occassional use of dissonance, lots of slower/chugging parts and misanthropic philosophical lyrics, a very dark and slightly inaccessible album. - Caleb9000

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11 Devour the Power - Destroy Destroy Destroy
12 Spiritual Healing - Death

Extremely underrated.

13 Dreaming with the Dead - Ripping Corpse
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1. Elvenefris - Lykathea Aflame
2. Nespithe - Demilich
3. Deathcult For Eternity - The Chasm


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