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1 The Cut Runs Deep

This is just great, especially the middle of the song. Play this song loud because it sounds much better loud. - Metal_Treasure


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2 Pictures of Home

A true Masterpiece, Period. Also Hard Lovin Man and Kentucky woman

This is one of the most unique songs I've ever heard. Besides its awesome riff, rhythm and melody, it has 2 guitar solos, 1 keyboards solo, 1 drum solo and even a killer bass solo!
The song demonstrates great songwriting skills at every level but the most amazing thing is that all these solos don't sound like patches. I can't even believe that a song of this type came out in 1972. Black Label Society did a cover in 2012. - Metal_Treasure

My absolute favorite tune

Impressive song!

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3 April

This beautiful piece was released in 1969 and it's mostly instrumental. It's over 12 min long, and has progressive elements and symphonic arrangements. I guess it came out too early... - Metal_Treasure

One of their best song!

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4 Hungry Daze

Unigue riff, symphonic feel, 2 guitar solos and Gillan's growls towards the end. Many Deep Purple songs have 2 and more solos - something that became a trend in metal music. - Metal_Treasure

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5 Hard Lovin' Man

To the best of my knowledge, this was the first speed metal song ever, released in 1970 (Highway Star came out in 1972).
Ear raping vocals from Ian Gillan and again - 2 guitar solos. I like better the first solo but the outro solo is one of the longest, craziest and heaviest Blackmore solos. - Metal_Treasure

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6 Demon's Eyes

This riff is awesome. - Metal_Treasure

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7 Stormbringer

Experts called this song a "goth metal treasure". One of my favorite Deep Purple riffs (1974). - Metal_Treasure

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8 Soldier of Fortune

This song isn't underrated!

I don't think this song is underrated. - zxm

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9 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming? - haha, I'd say Ian Gillan screams all the time, not only sometimes. He's one of the best screamers of all time and the first one who became famous for his screams. - Metal_Treasure

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10 Anya

@IronSabbathPriest - thanks a lot for adding this song. It's really underrated - I mean I forgot it, too... I'm gonna put it on my remix to get it closer to the top 10. - Metal_Treasure

Why would Ritchie Blackmore leave because of this?!

This song is one of my favourites. Really groovy and catchy riff that builds well. Really underrated, this song is what metal is all about. - IronSabbathPriest

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The Contenders

11 Burn

I would never consider this underrated, relatively that is. Deep Purple as a whole are very underrated, however among those who know more songs of theirs than just Smoke on the Water this is something that gets mentioned frequently. - dubsinthetubs

A very underrated early metal song.
This song was pretty complex and odd in the 70s rock context, dominated by blues-based rock songs. Besides, the song isn't melody-driven or very catchy - it rather showcases musicianship/technicality. That's the reason it never became very popular but metal musicians appreciate it - for its riff, vocals and drumming.
Jorn Lande did an amazing cover. - Metal_Treasure

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12 Bloodsucker

Gillan's signature screams never disappoint. - Metal_Treasure

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13 Anthem

Zxm, thanks for adding it. It's very beautiful and moving. And very very underrated. - Metal_Treasure

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14 Strangeways

Epic metal song. - Metal_Treasure

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15 The Battle Rages On UListen to Sample
16 Dead or Alive

Power metal. - Metal_Treasure

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17 Flight of the Rat

There is no filler on In Rock. This and Hard loving Man would star on most albums.

This song should be in the top 10 and quite possibly at number is a travesty that DP has never played this song live...It would be awesome to see them add it on their farewell tour.

Absolutly the most "Hard driving, High powered" piece of energy to ever be put in a song! A musicians masterpiece

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18 Son of Alerik

It was a bonus track to that great album, where even the bonus tracks were awesome. - Metal_Treasure

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19 Fortuneteller UListen to Sample
20 Any Fule Kno That

I like this song of 1998 - I would say it's more unnoticed than underrated. Basically all Deep Purple songs that were released after their peak in the 70s aren't well known. These songs are underrated because people don't know them and not because they don't like them. - Metal_Treasure

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21 Loosen My Strings
22 Comin' Home UListen to Sample
23 The Gypsy UListen to Sample
24 The Bird Has Flown

Underrated track from the criminally underrated self-titled album

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25 When a Blind Man Cries UListen to Sample
26 Haunted

Very underrated - zxm

27 Mean Streak

I love this song, esp. Gillan vocals and how he growls a little bit. - Metal_Treasure

Great song!

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28 Love Conquers All UListen to Sample
29 Fools UListen to Sample
30 A Touch Away

A song with very good riff. Why only stick with Smoke On the Water. Come on Deep Purple has other good songs too. - zxm

31 Mistreated UListen to Sample
32 Smoke On the Water

This song isn't underrated. - zxm

It's not underrated and wasn't added by me. It's the most popular DP song. - Metal_Treasure


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33 A Twist in the Tale

A power metal song - Metal_Treasure

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34 Hallelujah UListen to Sample
35 Lazy UListen to Sample
36 The Spanish Archer UListen to Sample
37 Fireball

The first metal song with double bass drum (1971). Ian Paice was really very creative - he just put a second bass drum and played them both. Yeah, it was a very primitive double bass drum kit - nothing like the metal drum kits currently used. But his idea was priceless.
There's a video on YouTube and you can see how it was in the beginning (live) - Deep Purple just bring a second drum and "install it" onstage:
Deep Purple - Fireball (Live in Copenhagen 1972) HD
Lars Ulrich of Metallica attended this show when he was 9 and it blew his mind. - Metal_Treasure

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38 Hey Joe UListen to Sample
39 Hard Road (Wring that Neck) UListen to Sample
40 The Aviator

Another underrated song. Wasn't even on the list. - zxm

41 Never a Word

Very underrated song. Was on 108th. - zxm

42 This Time Around/Owed to G UListen to Sample
43 Time to Kill UListen to Sample
44 Doing It Tonight
45 Into the Fire UListen to Sample
46 Never Before UListen to Sample
47 Almost Human UListen to Sample
48 Speed King

Good Golly, said the little Miss Molly!

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