Top 10 Most Underrated Deep Purple Songs


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21 The Gypsy
22 Comin' Home
23 Haunted V 1 Comment
24 Mean Streak

I love this song, esp. Gillan vocals and how he growls a little bit. - Metal_Treasure

Great song!

25 Love Conquers All
26 Fools
27 When a Blind Man Cries
28 Mistreated
29 Smoke On the Water

This song isn't underrated. - zxm

It's not underrated and wasn't added by me. It's the most popular DP song. - Metal_Treasure


30 A Touch Away

A song with very good riff. Why only stick with Smoke On the Water. Come on Deep Purple has other good songs too. - zxm

31 The Spanish Archer
32 Fireball

The first metal song with double bass drum (1971). Ian Paice was really very creative - he just put a second bass drum and played them both. Yeah, it was a very primitive double bass drum kit - nothing like the metal drum kits currently used. But his idea was priceless.
There's a video on YouTube and you can see how it was in the beginning (live) - Deep Purple just bring a second drum and "install it" onstage:
Deep Purple - Fireball (Live in Copenhagen 1972) HD
Lars Ulrich of Metallica attended this show when he was 9 and it blew his mind. - Metal_Treasure

33 The Bird Has Flown

Underrated track from the criminally underrated self-titled album

34 Hey Joe
35 Hard Road (Wring that Neck)
36 The Aviator

Another underrated song. Wasn't even on the list. - zxm

37 Never a Word

Very underrated song. Was on 108th. - zxm

38 This Time Around/Owed to G
39 A Twist in the Tale
40 Time to Kill
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