Top 10 Most Underrated Disney Movie Scenes Excluding Star Wars and Marvel

These are the Disney movie scenes that aren't really talked about as much as some of the more iconic Disney scenes like Aladdin and Jasmine's carpet ride or Elsa singing Let it Go but are still really great scenes, and of course we will be excluding scenes from Marvel and Star Wars movies Pixar movies can be included.

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1 Timothy Mouse Confronts the Crows - Dumbo

After the crows laugh at Dumbo and the thought of a flying elephant Timothy comes to his defense and tells them off telling them of how poor Dumbo was ridiculed throughout his life and the only other person who cared for him was locked up for trying to protect them this causes the crows to show sympathy towards Dumbo and help him to learn to fly. - egnomac

2 Aladdin's Dilemma - Aladdin

After finally winning over Jasmine and having Jafar taken away they now plan to make him sultan which causes Aladdin to think real hard about his situation realizing that the only reason anyone thinks he's worth anything is because of the Genie realizing that he may not be able to keep his promise to Genie and of course Genie doesn't take it well. - egnomac

3 Don't Want to Mix with the Riffraff - Oliver and Company

Dodger and the gang rescue Oliver and bring him back to their hideout only for Oliver to be left confused on why they took him away from Jenny, this leads to confusion as Oliver tries to explain to them that he finally found a real home with someone who loves him and this causes Dodger to feel that Oliver is being ungrateful towards him and the others thinking that because Oliver spend all this time with a rich girl at her home that he no longer wants to pal around with them anymore even though that's not what Oliver was trying to imply though in reality Dodger and the gang should have really been thinking about what's best for Oliver and him being in a home with someone who can take better care of him and can provide a lot more than they can't especially since they didn't do such a good job looking after him after he was left in the car earlier on. - egnomac

4 Wart/Arthur Argue with Merlin About his Future - The Sword in the Stone

Arthur's dream of being a squire is realized much to Merlin's displeasure who's furious at him this leads to a disagreement between the two with Arthur hurt by Merlin not being happy for him seeing as being a squire was all he had to look forward to his life and Merlin angry at him for choosing to abandon his education, this culminates into Merlin blowing himself to Bermuda. - egnomac

5 Shang's Death - Mulan II

Although Shang doesn't actually die, during the bridge scene as Mulan desperately tries to hold on to him and the bridge Shang realizes that she can't support the two of them and chooses to let go so that at least she will be saved as he falls persumingly to his death while Mulan cries out to him. - egnomac

6 Big Mama Tells Todd The Cold Hard Truth - The Fox and The Hound

After Todd just misses saying goodbye to Copper Big Mama comes over and tells Todd the painful truth of him and Copper's future, as Copper is going to come back a trained hunting dog and that the two will become enemies she even has Dinky and Boomer show him the shed full of hunted animals and what can possibly happen to him if he continues to pal around with him, Todd of course is foolishly belives that Copper would never turn on him and be his friend forever and Big Mama tells him that forever is a long time and time has a way of changing people. - egnomac

7 Lightning McQueen Confronts Doc Hudson About his Past - Cars

Lightning discovers that Doc Hudson was a former racing champion and while confronting him he asks him why he quit at the top of his game, Doc informs him that it was not the case as he was basically kicked to the curb after he had his accident, after getting fixed up Doc expected a heroes welcome only to be told that he was finished and they grabbed the next rookie in line to take his place and has the news report of his crash to remind him of why he never went back while Lightning tries to convince Doc that he's not like them but then Doc asks him a very personal question "When was the last time you ever cared about anything other than yourself! " - egnomac

8 Kala Shows Tarzan the Truth - Tarzan
9 Goofy and Max Confrontation - A Goofy Movie

This scene happens after Goofy finds out from Pete who overheard Max telling PJ about changing the map and tells him to check it which he does and becomes distraught and after Max leads them to toad to LA instead of Lake Destiny Goofy becomes incredibly upset and stops the car to cool off as Max tries explains things to him and Goofy responds with "Why bother I'm probably too stupid to understand anything! " after this the car stars moving down hill as they chase after it while still arguing with Goofy blaming Max for ruining the vacation and Max telling him he never wanted to go on the vacation in the first place this all culminates when Goofy expresses that he was only trying to take his boy fishing and Max replies that he's not his little boy anymore and has his own life with Goofy telling him he knows all that and just wanted to be part of his life. - egnomac

10 Nick Gets Muzzled - Zootopia

Such a dark and underappreciated scene after Nick convinces the police to give Judy more time on the case the two ride on the gondola and he begins to tell a very traumatic moment in his life where as a kid he happy to join the junior scouts until things take a turn for the worst as the kids turn on him and muzzle him saying they would never trust a fox without a muzzle and the line he delivers "if the world is only going to see a fox as shifty and untrustworthy, there's no point in being anything else! " incredibly deep and a sad look at the state of the world of Zootopia in which everyone see's predators as nothing but monsters. - egnomac

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11 Army of the Dead - The Black Cauldron
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