Top 10 Most Underrated Disney Princess Movies

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame is my favourite but it's not really underrated anymore. I love Pocahontas but my only complaint is that they should've used fictional names, since the real story is beyond messed up.

Pocahontas, Tiana and Mulan are the definitions of underrated. I mean look at them they are 3 strong, beautiful and independent young woman. One of them works so hard to achieve her dreams, but still realises to never lose sight on what is really important. One of them doesn't want to be like any other woman, plus she is willing to risk her life to save her the people she loves. The final one and in my opinion most underrated is willing to have her own father kill her in order to bring peace between two feuds and stop a war from happening. Pocahontas in my opinion is my favourite Disney Princess and is a very under appreciated movie along with Mulan and PATF. I love them like Esmeralda, Megara and Jane Porter who are also underrated. - EJ0602

Pocahontas doesn't get recognition she deserves, nor does Tiana and Mulan their movies are so underrated they are just as underrated as Esmeralda, Megara and Jane Porter

Except this movie, none of these are underrated! - TheRedstoneWiz


I agree! It's one of the most mature and underrated disney movies. I wish it got more credit. Not only is it humourous, but it's also romantic! An underrated classic

Princess and the Frog

Is it okay if I add something - Disneymagickingdoms

I love the lists of mega soul hero and belle9090


This is definitely an underrated Disney film. It's a film about courage and the way society wants people to be. It really baffles me when people say they prefer Beauty and The Beast to Mulan. Yea, Belle saved her father, but so did Mulan. Oh yea, let's not forget the Army, the Emporer and the whole of China! Mulan is a great film, and it lacks the sappy, sickly that literally every other Disney film has. Instead it has catchy songs with clever lyrics. If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you watch Mulan.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It's amazing and I feel like it deserves more love.

Beauty and the Beast
Sleeping Beauty

Who likes mega soul hero and belle9090 - Disneymagickingdoms

Oh for the comment below please like it if you agree - Disneymagickingdoms

Same thing here this movie deserves way more love it's so beautifull
Honestly I think this should be the first animated movie to be animated with best animation

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It's way more underatted than the hunchback of notre dame

The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid isn't underrated it's amazing - Disneymagickingdoms

How is this underrated? It was critically acclaimed! - MegaSoulhero

Peaple like megasoul hero hate this


Ya this is the thing I added I think it's overatted but meh - Disneymagickingdoms

Tangled: Before Ever After
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