Top Ten Underrated Doctor Who Companions


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1 Martha Jones Martha Jones

Everyone always goes "Oh I hate Martha, Rose was waaay better."

That's NOT TRUE. Martha is smart, loyal, funny and is actually DOING something with her life before the Doctor comes in.

Also, she has enough guts to CHOSE to leave the Doctor, she is the first companion in modern who to do that.

A lot of people seem to give Martha hate, but she actually has some really good moments as a character. Some of my favorite Tennant-era stories were with her, too. - RickyReeves

Nobody ever seems to mention Martha very often, which surprises me because she is one of my favourite Doctor Who companions. She was very, very cool.

Much better companion than Rose! I can't see Rose doing what Martha did when The Master took over Earth.

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2 Adric Adric

He killed the dinosaurs I hate you adric

He wasn't that bad as a companion... - RickyReeves

3 Vicki Pallister
4 Victoria Waterfield

She was a screamer though, it helped by destroying that weed creature in 'Fury From the Deep' - RickyReeves

5 Mickey Smith Mickey Smith

Gees, Mickey has a ruff time. I love that he ends up with Martha.

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6 Liz Shaw

Her time on the show was much to short. She had so much potential to be a greater companion. She didn't even get a proper send off!

7 Peri Brown

She was a decent companion though... - RickyReeves

8 Craig Owens Craig Owens
9 Harry Sullivan
10 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald

I cannot believe people do not like her! She favorite companion ever!

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11 Vislor Turlough

I never really hear anyone's opinions about him, and he's certainly a better companion than those above him.

12 Mel Bush
13 Donna Noble Donna Noble
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