Top 10 Most Underrated Drake Bell Songs

Drake Bell is a talented musician and here is his most underrated songs. If I missed one feel free to add it.

The Top Ten

1 You're Not Thinking

His most underrated and overlooked song.

2 Break Me Down Break Me Down

Very underrated I'll add.

3 Golden Days

Underrated and very overlooked.

4 I Won't Stand in Your Way

Even more underrated than Bitchcraft to be honest.

5 It's Only Time

This song had to be in the top five at some point.

6 Runaway Boys

Another overlooked song by him.

7 Don't Preach

A solid song from his first album.

8 Up Periscope

Underrated and great in general.

9 Rewind

A very underrrated song from his new album.

10 Fallen for You

The Contenders

11 Do What You Want

A pretty solid and overlooked song.

12 Run Away

Another underrated song from his Honest EP.

13 Fool the World
14 Circles

A underrated song from his first album.

15 Somehow

Another underrated song from his first album.

16 The Backhouse

His first album in general is underrated.

17 Big Shot
18 Speak My Mind
19 Terrific
20 Give Me a Little More Time
21 Melina
22 Bull
23 Back of My Hand
24 California Man
25 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
26 Sunny Afternoon
27 Jingle Bells

Drake Bell's version of Jingle Bells feels a lot more like a rock adaption and it's pretty solid underrated as well despite it on the "Merry Nickmas" album.

28 Christmas Promise

It's a cover of a Backhouse Mike song and it's better than the original in all honesty. If it sounds familar that's because it was used in the Merry Christmas Drake & Josh movie.

29 In the End

Not the famous Linkin Park song but the solid song from Drake Bell's debut album Telegraph.

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