Top 10 Most Underrated Electronic Musical Instruments


The Top Ten

1 Helmholtz Sound Synthesizer
2 Orchestrion
3 Telharmonium
4 Ondes Martenot
5 Clavivox
6 Trautonium
7 Electronium
8 Eigenharp
9 Zeusaphone
10 Octapad

The brother of drums. This musical instrument sounds exactly like the drums and 1000s of varieties of new sounds can be put into it via midi. All kinds of rhythm instruments, percussion instruments and also few other kinds of melodic sounds from keyboard are inbuilt in it. Much more comfortable to play than the drums. You can create new rhythms and can save your created rhythms in octapad. I am an octapad player. Everyday I play this musical instrument and I get so much energy that I keep on playing good rhythms in it constantly for 5 hours. I have also created many new sounds in my octapad. This is definitely the best musical instrument of the world. It has many models among which most popular are SPD 30, SPD 20 and also SPD 10. Oh, I forgot 1 thing. It gives you the facility of practicing your beat by keeping time with the mechanical tempo to make your rhythm-playing skills better and better day by day.The tempo is inbuilt in it.No other musical instrument gives you so much ...more

Octapad is the king of all the modern musical instruments. It has two varieties of colours black and white. A new variety of octapad called SPD X is also available now. It is much more comfortable to play than the drum kit and the V drums.New sound engineers get encouraged by this musical instrument as it's modern facilities help them to preserve the sounds tcreatd by them in it. Other than the beats, different melody sounds are also available in the inbuilt kit set of the octapad. So what are you waiting for? Grab your sticks, buy an octapad and fulfill your dream of becoming a musician today only.

The Contenders

11 Otamatone
12 Omnichord
13 Theremin
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