Top 10 Underrated Episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

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21 Hearts and Hooves Day

This episode was funny and SELF-AWARE of how annoying Big Mac and Cheerilee were

I watch this episode all of the time! CheeriMac furevah!

22 Power Ponies

This episode isn't perfect, but it has a really original plot.

Loved this one! So does everybody else.

This episode is dumb, but it fun to watch. I was hyped for this one!

Good episode. Only thong I didn't like was that AJ's "power" was a lasso. Seriously? She has that IRL! Whatever, still liked it

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23 Friendship is Magic Parts 1 and 2

These first two episodes are hardly ever talked about anymore. While not as good as the rest of the series, these episodes are very enjoyable and do a good job of introducing the characters.

24 Equestria Girls

I'm not sure if this would count as an episode, but it receives way too much hate. It has a lot of awesome moments and good songs.

It has crappy songs - TheRealSilverlay

25 Family Appreciation Day

This episode has a really satisfying and heartwarming ending. It's a shame it seems to get forgotten about, because I haven't seen anyone bring up any problems with it, it just gets overshadowed by other episodes.

26 Canterlot Boutique
27 Keep Calm and Flutter On
28 The Cutie Re-Mark

Am I the only one who doesn't hate Starlight Gilmmer's redemption?

Nope! I just wish they had saved Starlight's apology to the equal four for a later episode. - TexasBro93

People don't like this episode? People said Starlight was the next Sunset, except Equestria Girls is a separate canon!

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29 Putting Your Hoof Down

This episode gets a lot of hate, mostly induced by MrEnter's video (because before he made it, this episode wasn't generally seen as terrible), but I think it actually gives Fluttershy some good development and has a really solid moral. Most of the complaints just come from the people who can't bear to look at Fluttershy acting in a "mean-spitired" way, even though her having lots of inner anger makes perfect sense, especially if you remember some of Season 1.

I enjoyed this episode because it teaches kids to man up.

30 Dungeons and Discords
31 Three's A Crowd

Everything with discord is good

Love this episode! Discord episodes are always Good(yes,I'm a discord fangirlšŸ˜)

32 Feeling Pinkie Keen

This episode is just hilarious and even pays tribute to classic cartoons such as Looney Tunes.

Yes, the moral is terrible, but you can't deny this episode had some hilarious moments (Twilight "evolving" into Rapidash).

33 Hearth's Warming Eve

I so agree, this episode was really good

I think some people hate this episode just because Merriweather Williams wrote it, which I think makes no sense.

34 Lesson Zero

Some people REALLY blow this episode's creepiness out of proportion.

Heck no, it's super overrated!

35 Flutter Brutter

Everyone seems to hate Zephyr Breeze, but I thought he was a funny character.

I liked this episode Zephyr Breeze is now one of my favorite characters

36 Secret of My Excess
37 Spice Up Your Life
38 Princess Spike
39 Ponyville Confidential

I never understood why so many people hate this episode. It has a lot of funny moments. It's not like Diamond Tiara or
CMC actually got away with doing bad things. They all received punishment and the CMC learned their lesson at the end.

While I already liked Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle, I felt the obsession with the so-called cutie marks made for thin plots. Then we get an episode where they actually have a job, as sleazy tabloid reporters trying to increase their newspaper's sales. I loved it and this one of my favorite episodes featuring the characters.

I had previously dismissed Diamond Tiara as a one-note character, because her only role was insulting the "blank flanks". Then we get an episode where she is actually in charge, and trying to place an obscure newspaper on the map. Drive, ambition, strategy. And not a pip about "cutie marks". I liked Diamond Tiara for the first time, and this still my favorite appearance of the character.

40 Bloom and Gloom

This is hands-down Josh Haber's best episode of the show. It's one of the most original, mature, and flat-out TERRIFYING episodes of the whole show. Also, the fact that the shadow that was torturing Apple Bloom throughout was really her destroying her own self-confidence was really well-done. I don't really think this episode gets much hate, but I really don't think it's acknowledged for how brilliant it is.

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