Best Underrated Family Guy Episodes

The Top Ten Best Underrated Family Guy Episodes

1 Not All Dogs Go to Heaven
2 No Country Club for Old Men

I hate Peter Griffin, but Carter got what he deserved for bullying Peter.

3 Burning Down the Bayit
4 The 2000-Year-Old Virgin
5 The Heartbreak Dog
6 An App a Day
7 Brian's a Bad Father

My one favorite scenes in that episode is when Susie runs happily towards Quagmire and when Peter had caught Kevin doing something with the knife. 😂

8 American Gigg-olo

That was a good episode to be honest.

9 Save the Clam

Peter Griffin may be a huge jerk, but at least he got a huge heart of gold in that episode.

10 Leggo My Meg-O

The Contenders

11 Brian and Stewie
12 Fifteen Minutes of Shame
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