Top 10 Most Underrated Female Volleyball Players In the Philippines

Underrated means underestimated. Players who much aren't popular but deserves to be because of their importance in their respective teams.

The Top Ten Most Underrated Female Volleyball Players In the Philippines

1 Nicole Tiamzon (UP)

A spiker turned setter and back from being spiker again. Being a setter, she never failed giving excellent sets to her teammates. And being a spiker, she played consistently and that made her one of the best scorers in the league. - crockydyle

Yeah I agree. shes not popular but she has to be popular because she is valuable in their team

Has deadly spikes and charming looks

Fast wrist action. Like a canon. And also a all around player.

2 Gretchel Soltones (SSC-R)

Good in digging, attacking, blocking, serving, receiving, and scoring. What more could you ask for? She is one of the most underrated players in the country. - crockydyle

Outstanding in her serve and spikes, can contribute points and best scorer in NCAA, can dig well like a libero and an efficient blocker

She should be above league to Alyssa Valdez!

One of the best! Great offense.

3 Ella De Jesus (ADMU)

She may be short in height but she contributed a lot to the Ateneo Lady Eagles along side with Alyssa Valdez and other players. She is also a great inspiration for people who are not that tall but are passionate about volleyball. She proves that all we need to be great in our own passions is to be "Heart Strong" and dedicated, and she must be given credit for that. She is really one of the exceptional volleyball players today!

She may be 5'3 in height but this lass never failed to give her team points especially when in drought. During her high school years, she was awarded as MVP, Best Attacker, Best Blocker, and Best Server for her school St. James Academy. - crockydyle

Yes, Ella was really under rated but she deserves to be noticed.

My schoolmate in St. James Academy!

4 Mylene Paat (AdU)

Former middle blocker turned into a utility spiker. She may not always be the best scorer for her team, but her attacks, blocks, and aces become very visible when in need. - crockydyle

Next to Pau Soriano's foot steps. The best BLOCKER of ADU so far.

5 Katherine Bersola (UP)

Her infamous blocks and running spikes made her one of the best in the league, even getting the Best Blocker plum in UAAP S76. She led her team to win unexpected matches against the powerhouse teams like FEU and UST. - crockydyle

Known as KB8. She is one of my idol too.

6 Kara Acevedo (ADMU)

Being the utiity spiker, balls were seldom set to her. But when she's in the back row defending, she never fails to impress her team and the crowd to perform digs and receives excellently. - crockydyle

7 Amy Ahomiro (ADMU)

Silent killer. Most of the time she is not getting the sets, sometimes she gets the set, but not the set that she wants, she always adjust and keep on going playing her game, faking, blocking and attacking wether the ball will be given to her or not.

Amy at least won an award - The season 77 Finals MVP! She deserves the award.

She has really improved a lot. I like her cool attitude while playing. -cc-

She is probabaly better than Michelle Gumabao and Alyssa Valdez combined!

8 Bernadeth Pons (FEU)
9 Sandra Delos Santos (UPHSD)

She is silent but consistent.

Though sometimes inconsistent, she still managed to prove everyone that she's a phenom making her one of the recipients of the most coveted MVP award in NCAA and in SVL. - crockydyle

10 Maruja Banaticla (UST)

This former UST star player lost stardom after graduating. She was best known as the team's game changer and also she led the team to its last UAAP final four appearance. - crockydyle

The sexy roar player and ganda mo pretty you maru

The best libero from pldt I miss to play you for my favorite team and ganda mo pretty you lizlee

The Contenders

11 Carmina Aganon (NU)

So good and cute chinita

Ganda at galing ni idol...

Beautiful and may not notice her eagerly but she can deliver w/ a boom when you gave her the ball.

12 Lizlee Ann Gata-Pantone (AdU)

She's good in reading the attacks of the opponent.

The best Libero Adamson ever had!

Considered the best Libero SVL

She's the best libero I've ever known except denden lazaro

13 Jessica Galanza (AdU)

One of the best outside hitter

Beautiful and talented!

14 Shaya Adorador (UE)

In her rookie year, she was the lone member of her team that can score double digits. Her team may be always at the bottom of the standings but this girl always prove that she can play like a pro. - crockydyle

She needs to be improve, she can spike and turn it to points, she's very young but with right coaching maybe she can be a very good player like Valdez and Galang

15 Janine Marciano (SBC)

Knows how to step up when needed. Hope she'll keep improving.

Most people don't know her during her college years but this girl served as the roar for her team, San Beda Lioness. She lifts her team when in need. - crockydyle

16 Frances Molina (SBC)
17 Kristine Ann Dave (ADU)

One of the best players in her time. I think she's still playing volleyball right now.

Simply one of the best players of her time. She played against Semana, and Daquis (FEU team) and helped won the pre-finals. It was during her time that Adamson University had reached the finals for the first time, and garnered the crown in the Nestea Beach Volley. - liberogirl

Kristine Ann Dave used to be the Best Receiver in UAAP 66, Best Spiker in UAAP 68 where she was a big factor why Adamson Lady Falcons reached the finals against DLSU for the major crown.

She was the 6th Nestea Beach Volley champion when she played with Ailane Quina, and placed thrid on the 7th or 8th Nestea Beach Volley when paired with Hannah Suarez and another ADU player.

Used to be the top scorer ( I guess in UAAP 66 or UAAP 68). I've encountered a sports news showing this information. - Roseberry

18 Carmela Tunay (UST)
19 Gyselle Sy
20 Menchie Tubiera (AU)
21 Sisi Rondina (UST)
22 Justine Tiu (DLSU)

I love her spikes

23 Desiree Cheng (DLSU)
24 Rhea Dimaculangan (UST)
25 Amanda Villanueva (AdU)

I love her as a spiker

26 Honey Royse Tubino (UPHSD)

She is a good outside spiker,I love It

27 Christine Joy Rosario (AU)
28 Danna Henson (AU)
29 Shirley Salamagos (AU)
30 Gizelle Tan

~She won the award of the Best Setter in Shakey's V-League Collegiate Conference Season 12
~I love her when she sets because she is very smart and a good distributor

31 Camille Cruz (DLSU)

She barely enters the court. But when she enters, she can prove that her hits can score as much as any other contenders. For me she can be as great as her sister CHA CRUZ if she were to be given the chance to play as a starter.

She definitely has the talent. Too bad she was hampered by injuries. She experienced 3 ACL's already.
I remember she is the alternate of Ara Galang during Season 74 of UAAP.

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