Top 10 Underrated Hard Dance Songs You Should Listen To

Most of the items on this list are Happy Hardcore, but there are some Hardcore bangers in here as well.

The Top Ten

1 The Drop - Gammer, 4B & Nvrleft The Drop - Gammer, 4B & Nvrleft

This one's an interesting combo of Breakbeat, Trap, & Hardcore. Yet it all comes together so smoothly. - syntaxEDM

2 Follow You (Rhythmics Remix) - Au5 Follow You (Rhythmics Remix) - Au5

Au5 brings such a divine melody to the stage, and Rhythmics followed him with the Happy Hardcore kicks. They pair so well together. - syntaxEDM

3 Superhuman (Gammer Remix) - Slander Superhuman (Gammer Remix) - Slander

Psycore is such an odd genre. You see it so often from artists from the likes of Gammer, Stonebank, Kayzo. and I could go on about that. But this one is what got me into headbangers. - syntaxEDM

4 Dragonborn - Headhunterz

As if the Skyrim theme wasn't awesome enough already, Headhunterz created this awesome hardstyle version of the song. I love it. - Atham

Usually I'm more obliged to stay near Happy Hardcore than Hardstyle. Euphoric Hardstyle is already a bit too close for me. Dragonborn is about Skyrim though, and who doesn't love Skyrim? - syntaxEDM

5 Rainbow Road - Nanobii

This song is just so exiting and euphoric! My only complaint is that it's too short, but other than that it's near perfect. - Atham

Rainbow Road is the very first Happy Hardcore song I ever listened to. Made me feel like I was on my own rainbow road. - syntaxEDM

6 Party Don't Stop - Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer

I'm a bit of a fan of Launchpad, and when Super Pads Lights got sponsored by Launchpad YouTuber Kaskobi, I was sold. I bought it, and the first project I ever played was this song. - syntaxEDM

7 Outside This World - Neilio

Neilio is an underrated artist already. He made euphoric hardstyle on Monstercat in 2011 before signing onto other labels. Outside This World is kind of like wondering whether aliens could solve all our problems today. - syntaxEDM

8 Bass Drop - Zero Hero

Zero Hero's first release on Monstercat. Once again, more Psycore. I'm not mad though, this had me going WOOOT. - syntaxEDM

9 Holy - Kayzo & SLANDER

Once again, more Psycore. I must be in denial that I am a huge fan of Psycore. Psytrance & Happy Hardcore are a great combination though. - syntaxEDM

10 The Only One - Stonebank

"BUT THE DARREN STYLES REMIX IS BETTER! 1! 11! " Well, the original is pretty good too. Gotta have some form of variety in this Top 10. - syntaxEDM

The Contenders

11 Audiocidity - Ephixa

This is like an ORIGINAL Hard Dance. Released in 2011, as one of the very first Hard Dance songs on Monstercat (Neilio had already put out a couple before him), it combines dubstep elements with a trance beat pattern and hard dance style kicks. Already a winner in my book! - syntaxEDM

12 Captivating - Neilio

Captivating literally defines how some producers make music. If there's like a certain beat, sound, melody, vocal, etc, some producers just build off of it and make successful songs. - syntaxEDM

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