Underrated Harry Potter Couples

The Top Ten Underrated Harry Potter Couples

1 Bill and Fleur

Yay I love this ship - Annabel154

They were a really amazing couple...

The only pairing that actually came off as anything resembling romantic and everyone's too busy gushing over Lily/Snape and Remus/Tonks.

Bill was a wild man according to his description in the books. Fleur was his polar opposite. This is why they work so well together. I saw someone in another list call Fred and Hermione "yin and yang" this is Bill and Fleur

They work well as a team they are so underrated! by the way so is draco and astoria read the cursed child you will hate at first but grow to love

2 Luna and Ginny
3 Luna and Hermione
4 Neville and Hermione
5 Fred and Angelina
6 Luna and Neville

Both awkward people, yet similar personalities

7 Luna and Cho
8 Draco and Astoria
9 Ginny and Hermione
10 Harry and Ginny

This at number 1

The Contenders

11 Fleur and Tonks
12 Ginny and Neville
13 Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger

What he bullied her for years

14 Scorpius and Rose

My arguments for this is because Scorpius is so adorable and awkward around her. I again say...
“Hello, Rose, what do you smell of? ”
MALFOY is our king. And by Malfoy, I mean Scorpius, not Draco. Scorpius is my nerd king.

15 Albus Potter and Delphi Riddle
16 Ron and Dean
17 Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell
18 Dobby and Minerva McGonagall
19 Luna and Dobby
20 Lily and Lysander
21 Lily and Lorcan
22 Lily and Teddy
23 Lily and Scorpius
24 Harry and Luna

I ship lily Luna potter/ Lysander lovegood because harry/ Luna should be together ever it if through their children?

25 Hagrid and Maxime
26 Arthur and Molly
27 Lily and James

Underrated because of the Snape fangirls

Harry's parents, not the kids named after them.

28 Neville and Ron
29 Gilderoy Lockhart and Rita Skeeter

Lockhart can marry that one who always writes to him even when he loses his memory.

What the actual heck. Who put this here? - Annabel154

30 Umbridge and Voldemort


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