Most Underrated Hell's Kitchen Contestants

Whether it be in the eyes of Chef Ramsay or those who watch at home, there are going to be those contestants who you think deserve more credit than what they received. Maybe they were eliminated too early or they were chosen over the more popular contestant. Either way, we're here to commemorate the Hell's Kitchen chefs that should've gotten more love.

The Top Ten

1 Paul - Season 9

Paul is deserving to be at the top of the list. Even though he won, the viewers greatly disagreed with Ramsay's decision. Even I will agree that Will is a better chef, it doesn't automatically mean that Paul didn't deserve to win. He's enthusiastic, he's a fighter, and Paul was able to do something nobody else in the show could do; He got Elise and Carrie to work together. He may not be as good at cooking as Will, but Paul still deserved a restaurant. - FallenApostle

I am so sick of everyone saying that Will should of won instead of Paul. He didn't do anything wrong just leave him alone and he is a better chef than Will. He got kicked out of the kitchen once.

2 Trev - Season 8
3 Anthony - Season 11
4 Josh - Season 14

I am personally so sick and tired of people complaining about how terrible of a chef and how egotistical Josh is. To me, Josh was the funniest and most charming chefs out there. He could also cook really well. - FallenApostle

5 Fernando - Season 13
6 Tennille - Season 6
7 Randy - Season 14
8 Louross - Season 4
9 Brian - Season 10
10 Kashia - Season 12

The Contenders

11 Hassan - Season 15
12 Brad - Season 3
13 Fran - Season 7
14 Robyn - Season 10
15 Barbie - Season 10
16 Mary Ellen - Season 1
17 Autumn - Season 7
18 Aaron - Season 10

He improved so much and outshined the people that diddn't believe in him

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