Top 10 Underrated Hetalia Characters

The Top Ten Underrated Hetalia Characters

1 Wy

I'm just gonna say my opinion of who is underrated (By the way, I haven't read the manga much so I'm only talking about the anime). Wy, Seychelles, Cuba, Australia, Cameroon, Egypt, Tiwan, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, Hong kong. Thta is all I can think. Let me know who else is underrated (Not uk, us, canada, russia, china, japan, italy (North and south), germany, prussia, austria, Spain, Hungary etc)

2 Seychelles
3 Finland
4 Cuba
5 Sweden
6 Australia
7 Sealand
8 Taiwan
9 France
10 China

The Contenders

11 Canada

Lord, my Canada needs to be higher here. - SapphireMoon44

12 Ukraine

It’s DEFINITELY Ukraine((((
It makes me really sad that she’s so underrated and unpopular((
If only Hima had developed her better as a character and devoted more screen time to her... - MarByz

13 Belgium

Aww. Belgium has been my favorite hetalia girl since I saw her.

Cute puppy mouth :3

14 Japan

Poor japan not getting any notice from people in our fandom, Canada is more popular than him and even Wy... he needs more love from us

15 Belarus

Beautiful woman


16 Puerto Rico
17 Ancient Rome
18 North Italy
19 Germania
20 Norway

Yes. Because he need to be recognized. - Kikira

21 Russia

Russia TOTALLY needs more love TnT

22 Lithuania

He deserves so much more love than he gets! He fought Prussia and won, he’s actually pretty muscular, he knows how to fight, this bean gets all the men, and he’s honestly a great big brother figure to Estonia and Latvia?

23 Denmark
24 Poland
25 Vietnam
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