Top 10 Most Underrated Hey Arnold Characters

Basically Hey Arnold characters that really didn't get a lot of attention. These characters are very overlooked.

The Top Ten

1 Thaddeus Curly Gammelthorpe

This kid is sketchy but he's awesome and spontaneous which makes the show more fun to watch.

Or Curly for short is pretty underrated I know that he's portrayed as a bit of a maniac but he's not a bad person overall.

2 Eugene Horowitz

Despite him being a jinx he's a general overlooked character.

3 Peapod Kid

Barely anyone talks about him to be honest.

4 Stinky Peterson

Despite the way he talks he's a solid yet underrated character.

5 Lorenzo

He doesn't talk much but in general he's very overlooked.

6 Sheena

No HA fans talk about her from what I can tell.

7 Iggy

Two words: Bunny pajamas

I know that "Arnold Betrays Iggy" badly affected his reputation but he generally is a underrated character.

You're right, he should've appeared in an episode where he gets his comeuppance. - GreninjaGuy

8 Nadine

She might be a bug freak but in general she is a decent character.

9 Sid

Despite him jumping onto things quickly he's a underrated and decent character.

10 Chocolate Boy

Somewhat underrated.

The Contenders

11 Helga Pataki Helga Pataki is a character from the 90s Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold created by Craig Bartlett. She's known for being bossy and being a bully to most kids she encounters. However she's secretly loves Arnold despite the fact she acts bitter around him to keep her secret. She will often pull out a more.
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